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6 Healthy Summer Drink Trends for 2021

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

Whether you’re after something that’s hydrating, refreshing, or caffeinating, here are the drinks dominating the health food scene in Australia this summer...because sometimes, water just won’t cut it. Naturally, these are all alcohol-free, too. 

A Clean Take On Creaming Soda 

Crack open a bottle of nostalgia with Nexba’s latest creation, featured in this month’s Health Box: Creaming Apple Cider Vinegar Soda (got all that?). Unlike the creaming sodas of our childhood, this one is free from sugar and all the artificial stuff (like numbered colours and flavours). One bottle provides a generous tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (so that you can reap the potential benefits of this traditional tonic), not to mention 500 million probiotics for a happy, healthy gut. Thanks to Nexba’s Natural Sweetener blend, this goes down a treat, too.

Herbal Tea...On Ice

Meet your new favourite way to hydrate in the thick of summer...Why didn’t we think of making sooner?! Simply steep your go-to herbal tea overnight (or for a couple of hours at least) to bring out all its goodness and natural flavours and then pour into a tall glass over ice. This works especially well with Pukka’s Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey Tea, the perfect balance of zingy and sweet (sans the sugar). 

Iced Oat Milk Coffee 

With a natural creaminess and subtle sweetness reminiscent of cow’s milk, you’ll be surprised how good oat milk tastes poured over a double shot of coffee and ice - no sugar needed. We’ve popped First Press’ latest creation - Iced Oat Milk Coffee - in this month’s ‘Gimme Energy’ Box, so you can see for yourself. 

Naturally Flavoured Sparkling Water 

Nothing beats an ice cold can of Way Better’s H20 on a scorcher of a day. With no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners, the only ingredients you’ll find in one of these are Australian sparkling water and pure fruit extract - so there’s no weird aftertaste, unlike other flavoured waters on the market. Available in four unique flavours (Ginger, Hibiscus & Vanilla, Lemon, and Strawberry), a Way Better Sparkling Water also makes for a sugar AND booze-free tipple that’s more exciting than plain old soda water - and lighter on your wallet than distilled non-alcoholic spirits. Enjoy straight up, or if you’re feeling fancy, over ice with a grapefruit garnish. 

Nitro Brews 

The only chai that will cool you down, Minor Figures’ nitro-infused, cafe-quality Chai Latte is designed to be served cold. We love that it’s steeped strong with real spices (how it should be), creamy oat milk (which is also super sustainable), and a touch of stevia for natural sweetness. Give the can a good shake before you crack it open for the full nitro foam effect. Chai not your thing? Minor Figures do cold brew, nitro-infused coffee cans, too; choose from a super smooth long black, or no-added-sugar mocha or latte. 


The No Nasties Project Sugar Free-Zies

Icy poles are just frozen drinks right. Quench your thirst with these fabulous sugar freezies this summer. These ones are sour and super addictive.












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