5 Must-Try Health Elixirs for 2021

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

After the year that was 2020, we’ve never been more ready to *drink* to good health. Here are the health elixirs that are trending for the new year.

Queen Garnet Plum Nectar

Meet Queen Garnet, the latest antioxidant elixir. Each bottle of this deep purple nectar (featured in this month’s Health Box, woo!) contains nothing but the goodness of three whole Queen Garnet plums. Enjoy straight up, or add a few splashes to a glass of sparkling water with a slice of fresh ginger for a low-sugar, anti-ageing mocktail. 

Qi Detox Tea 

This carefully crafted herbal tea blend will give your body exactly what it’s been asking for post the festive season indulgence. Think green tea for a good dose of antioxidant-rich, cell-protective catechins, along with ginger, peppermint, and fennel to support digestion. There’s even dandelion in here, a herb that can help you beat the bloat thanks to its gentle diuretic properties. See the benefits for yourself; Qi’s Detox Tea is in this month box.

SUP WEE Madame 

We’ve popped this one in this month’s Health Box for the ladies (although the lads are welcome to have a swig). WEE Madame comes loaded with Cranberry Extracts and Juice, which provide ‘proanthocyanidins’ - the active ingredient in cranberries that can help keep the dreaded UTI at bay. Unlike the sugar-packed cranberry juice from the supermarket (not ideal as bacteria thrives on sugar), this on-the-go supplement is super low in sugar. 

Way Better Sparkling Water

Seeing that we can’t survive without It, we’re putting humble H20 in the elixir category. If you’re not great at meeting your daily water quota, Way Better’s range of sparkling waters (the Ginger one is our fave) can help you with that. With real fruit extracts and no added sugars or sweeteners, this is what you’ll find us hydrating with in 2021. 

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix 

Adoptogenic elixirs continue to be all the rage, and Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix is one of our favourites. You’ll legit feel like you’re sipping on a decadent hot chocolate with this one, but it’s low in sugar (sweetened with just a touch of coconut sugar and stevia) and best of all, boosted with reishi - an adaptogenic mushroom that can help bring on the chill vibes. 













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