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Five Must-Try Healthy Habits Your Body Will Thank You For

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. If you can dedicate a measly 30 of those seconds to try a new health trick, your bod will reward you with more energy, better moods, easier digestion and less cravings.

We've created a free online 21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge to make you feel good, look great, and pick up some tips you can brag about at your next yoga class/HIIT workout/healthy café date. And the best part? You’ll only need to dedicate 30 seconds each day for 21 days to trying out a new habit. 30 seconds! , it’s a no-brainer.

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To get you warmed up, try these 5 easy-peasy healthy habits!

1. Eat fish rich in omega-3s two to three times a week

Omega-3 fatty acids have mega benefits (sorry, we couldn’t resist!). They’re shown to help reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol and artery health, and alleviate the symptoms linked to skin disorders like acne and psoriasis. These healthy fats have also been known to boost brain health, decreasing the chances of depression and bipolar disorder. Sure, you can get omega-3s in supplement form, but doesn’t it make sense to go straight to the source? Fish is rich in omega-3s, and we love getting our fix with sustainable sardines, salmon, oysters, trout and fresh tuna.

Top tip: Extra points if you serve up a side of brussels sprouts, kale or spinach – these greens also boast high levels of omega-3.

Did you know good fats can boost your skin from within? Check out how to eat your way to flawless skin.

2. Start doing Meatless Mondays

Bounce into the working week by going meat-free. It’ll give your digestive system a bit of a break, and encourage you to get creative in the kitchen. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of protein options to choose from when you ‘go vego’ for a day. Our suggestions? Enjoy eggs for brekkie, throw some chickpeas into your lunchtime salad, and tuck into tofu for dinner.

Want more inspiration? Here are 3 meat substitutes for meat-free Mondays.

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3. Head to bed at 9.30pm on weeknights

We all know how fresh we feel after a good night’s rest. Why not make it a habit? Besides lifting your energy levels and mood, quality sleep curbs cravings, especially of the naughty kind. Plus, when you’re tired, your hormones shift, which then affects your hunger levels – so you’ll want to reach for that chocolate bar earlier, and more often. Now, we’re not saying you need to turn the lights out completely at 9.30pm, but at least start your winding down routine: light a candle, switch off the TV, put your phone on aeroplane mode, or read a book. Or indulge in some pillow talk with your partner! Whatever tickles your fancy. ☺

4. Plan your meals the night before

We’ve all heard the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” Well, it’s a bit blunt, but very helpful to remember during this challenge. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, prepping is the key to success. Try these tips:

  • Pack your lunch for work/uni/wherever you’re going today. By making your own salad or wrap, you’ll get all the nutrients you need and save a ton of money. Win-win.
  • Make brekkie the night before. We love cacao overnight oats and granola and chia pudding – they’re both delish and easy to whip up. By sorting out brekkie before bed, you’ll calm down the morning rush and ensure you start your day in a nourishing way.
  • Don’t skip meals! It only slows down your metabolism. Instead, mentally map out three meals for the day, allowing a few hours in between. Add one or two small snacks if you know you’ll get peckish during the day.

5.Sip on chai tea to curb sweet cravings

We all have cravings – it’s just how we’re wired. But they can be controlled. When your sweet tooth starts aching today, fix yourself a cup of chai. The sweet spices in chai, like nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger, satisfy the craving without the help of refined sugar. Plus, it’s comforting, nourishing and warming. Yum!

Top tip: Drink a chai brew from a tea bag or loose leaf and say no to the sugary chai powders and syrups.

If you feel like being inventive, try this delish Turmeric and Ginger Chai Tea Recipe

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