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5 Ways To Sneak The Goodness Of Cauliflower Into Your Children's Meals

A recent study noted that 85% of parents believe that their kids are fussy eaters and over one third of children get their daily energy requirements from discretionary foods. These are significant figures, with a few contributing factors at play, namely junk food advertising targeting children, but also the primal desire for sweet, high calorie foods. Our primordial instincts kick in when we have high calorie foods as it marks survival, however children haven’t learnt to distinguish between what’s healthy and not. This is why teaching kids about nutrition, getting them in the kitchen and preparing foods that are both exciting and healthy is key. Expert, Lorraine Sarayeldin, founder of PomPom Paddock explains to us how we can do just that, but with the humble cauliflower.

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  1. Brownies

    Everyone’s favourite pleasure food. Cauliflower may sound like taking the whole vegetable in the dessert trick to a new level, but with the addition of brown rice flour, quinoa flour and sorghum flour, the taste is neutral and is hardly noticeable. If you’re feeling daring, add steamed sweet potato for a sweetener and fluffy texture.
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    1. Waffles

    So far these suggestions sound exactly like what a fussy eater would eat! And yes, waffles are a can do with cauliflower, with PomPom Paddock Cauliflower Flour that is! Give it a twist, using pumpkin puree to get the soft insides of waffles, while the gluten-free Cauliflower Flour will create the crispy golden outer layer. Top with berries, yoghurt and some maple syrup, guaranteed this will be a household winner.

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    1. Herb Flatbread

    Lunchbox snacks can be a tricky one, however with the jazzy new compartmentalised lunch boxes these days you are forced to be creative and fill each slot! These compartments come with smaller metal jars for dips, which are great with vegetable sticks, but to ensure the protein rich dip gets eaten, try your hand at cauliflower flatbread. Mix cauliflower ‘flour’ with herbs like rosemary and dukkha will add flavour, and the crunch will have kids lapping up the dip. This is also a nice alternative to chips or crackers and hardly a hassle to make.

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    1. Pizza Slices

    Now this is something we can all get around and enjoy for lunches. Not too dissimilar to your traditional flat pizza, these are pizza squares which will fit neatly into a lunch box. Using a deep tin, mix both your base, made with nutrient dense Cauliflour Flour Mix and toppings and sprinkle with cheese for your all in one pizza. A great way to disrupt the lunchbox!
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    1. Banana Bread

    Another lunchbox favourite is banana bread, which can be served for breakfast with some ricotta or as a snack at recess. Bananas are a great source of sweetener, which if left until dark spots appear is the best time to use for baking. Instead of using traditional flours, substitute with a wholesome alternative, cauliflower ‘flour’.

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