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Eco Trends Worth Trying in 2021

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint in 2021, these eco trends will have you on the right track. 












Shampooing Your Fresh Produce 

Yep, this is a thing, and a good thing if you’re keen to say no to unnecessary packaging, but are worried about how many hands have felt up the loose fruit and veg at the supermarket or farmer's market (Yeah, we're guilty of digging for that perfectly ripe avo). Koala Eco's Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash is sulfate-free, biodegradable, and will help wash away pesticides without leaving an aftertaste. Find it in this month's Health Box and give it a go!  

Oat Milk in Your Coffee 

It’s no surprise Aussies have caught on to the oat milk trend. With a similar taste and consistency to cow’s milk, plant-based oat milk also works a treat in a latte (like First Press’ Iced Coffee Oat Milk, which we’ve treated you to in this month’s Box). Fun fact: oat milk requires way less water than both cow’s milk and almond milk to be produced - so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet just by making it your milk of choice. 

Spending More Upfront to Save, in Every Sense of the Word

Sure a single-use plastic water bottle only costs a few dollars, but how many of those do you buy a week? You’ll fork out more cash upfront for a reusable water bottle, but it’s a one-off purchase that will help save environmental resources AND cash in the long run. 

Stainless Steel Everything 

An environmentally friendly and chemical-free alternative to plastic, stainless steel is being utilised to produce more and more everyday items - from sturdy straws, tumblers and lunchboxes, to clothes pegs that won’t rust or snag your clothes. Investing in products that last a lifetime instead of a hot minute is where it’s at. 

BYO Containers 

It’s great to see so many people toting their reusable lunch boxes to work along with their KeepCups. Not just for school, work, or picnic lunches, a leak-proof glass or stainless steel lunch box makes a sturdier substitute for single-use plastic containers when you’re picking up takeaway or buying deli items. It also won’t leech nasty chemicals into hot food like BPA-containing plastic you can dig into your Pad Thai with peace of mind. 

Getting the Kids Involved 

While reusable glass containers might be more planet-friendly, they’re not exactly kid-friendly. Enter Little Mashies: Reusable Squeeze Pouches that can help show your little one how they can do their bit for the planet. Fill, eat, wash, repeat, and save money on overpriced single-use yoghurt pouches while you’re at it.


Eco Pen Club

The Eco Pen clicker pens are environmentally friendly; being made of recycled cardboard, 85% less plastic than the average pens, and 75% less waste. They're also compostable/recyclable, so you don't have to worry about this staying around for 400 years after you're done with it. Will you be making the switch?


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