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7 Gut-Friendly Snacks to Get in Your Belly in 2021

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

Give your gut some extra TLC with the latest snacks that are all about a healthier, happier digestive system. 

VGood Chickpea Chips 

Bookmark this one for the next time you've got a hankering for a packet of chips. VGood’s Sea Salt Chickpea Crisps get our tick of approval because: 

  • They're made with just three ingredients (fewer ingredients usually means less processed) 
  • They have ZERO added sugar or refined wheat flour 
  • They're loaded with fibre from chickpeas to help keep your blood sugar stable, your belly full, and your bowel movements regular - all while encouraging the growth of good guts bugs


MunchMe Skinny Dipped Almonds 

Love choc-covered almonds but not so much all the sugar that comes with them? MunchMe’s Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate Almonds make a wholesome alternative to your go-to sweet treat. Not only are these addictive, they’re also: 

  • High in fibre to support digestive health 
  • Way lower in sugar than milk choc almonds 
  • Dairy-free (so you can enjoy these if you’re on a lactose-free or plant-based diet)
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Mt. Elephant Hemp Seeds

The gut thrives on diversity, so the more plant-based foods you give yours, the better. Switch up the nuts and seeds you snack on by adding hemp seeds to your smoothie, yoghurt, or homemade protein balls. Not only are hemp seeds high in fibre, but they’ll give you a good dose of omega-3, shown to improve the diversity of beneficial bacteria in the gut. 


Botanika Blends Vegan Protein Bar 

We’ve featured the Apple Pie version of this bar in this month’s Box for so my reasons (and not just because it brings back memories of nan’s apple pie): 

  • It’s lower in sugar and higher in protein than your average supermarket snack bar
  • It’s loaded with fibre from ingredients like cashews and dried fruit  
  • It’s boosted with probiotics to promote a healthy balance of good gut bugs


Morlife Complete Gut Restore

Give your digestive system a boost by adding two teaspoons of this gut-reviving powder to your smoothie or yoghurt. An all-in-one gut food, Complete Gut Restore gives you: 

  • A broad spectrum of prebiotics, including Australian green banana flour: to promote an ideal feeding ground for good gut bacteria (probiotics)
  • A broad spectrum of probiotics (five billion of them!) to promote bacterial diversity in the gut, important for good gut health 
  • Extra gut-loving ingredients like soothing ginger and aloe vera, anti-inflammatory turmeric, and calming chamomile 


Flip Shelton’s Natural Muesli 

Not just for breakfast, sprinkle a handful of this muesli on your yoghurt for a gut-friendly snack. You'll get a FULL-SIZED bag of Flip Shelton’s Nuts & Seeds Muesli in this month's Box because it ticks so many boxes: 

  • Free from refined sugars and syrups, which can compromise good gut bacteria when consumed regularly
  • Minimally processed with nothing but wholefood, gut-loving ingredients
  • A source of soluble AND insoluble fibre. The oats in here provide soluble fibre, which absorbs water and helps eliminate cholesterol from the body. The nuts and seeds provide insoluble fibre, which adds bulk to the stool and promotes regular bowel movements. 



Hart and Soul Sweet Potato Ginger Soup

A fresh & clean sweet potato soup boosted with ginger & turmeric. As the colder month's approach a low key delicious snack is a mug of soup. Toast up a slice of bread and there you have a warming hearty snack. 

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