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6 Simple Drink Swaps for a Healthier Gut

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

We’re here to help you find better-for-you alternatives to all your go-to foods AND drinks. Whether you’re after a pick-me-up, a pre-workout, or an alcohol-free tipple, we’ve found a gut-loving beverage for every occasion. 

Swap an Energy Drink for a Mojo Kombucha Soda 

Save this swap for your next arvo pick-me-up. Mojo’s Berry Blitz Kombucha Soda is in this month’s Gut Lovin’ Box because it’s:

  • Loaded with probiotics to promote a good balance of healthy gut bugs 
  • Way lower in sugar than energy drinks, which won't do your gut flora any favours  
  • Brewed with black tea for a gentler source of caffeine than an energy drink (unlike the isolated caffeine in energy drinks, black tea provides the calming amino acid L-theanine) 
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours...who needs them when antioxidant-loaded berries provide all the colour and flavour you need? 


Swap Your Pre-Workout Supplement for Biogenesis Chlorella Powder 

We say NO to super processed supplements and a big YES to ones that pack a nutritional punch with minimal ingredients. 
Some fun facts on Biogenesis All Natural Chlorella Powder (AKA the least processed pre-workout powder there ever was): 

  • It's made entirely with antioxidant-rich chlorella, a green freshwater algae  
  • Its BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) content will give you that extra PUSH you need during your workout (and enhance muscle recovery post-workout) 
  • One serve gives you 3.1g of protein to promote muscle growth and repair 


Swap a G&T for a Seedlip & Tonic 

An easy swap to make if you want to feel better, not worse, after your next night out. We love Seedlip’s Garden 108 & Cucumber Tonic because it’s: 

  • 100% booze-free (alcohol is a gut irritant)
  • Infused with botanicals 
  • Way lower in sugar than a mocktail from the pub
  • Fancier than a soda water and lime 


Swap a Whey Protein Shake for a White Wolf Pea Protein Shake 

Can't stomach whey protein? Save this swap! We rate White Wolf’s Vegan Chocolate Protein from this month’s Box because it 1) Tastes like a choccie milkshake (we make ours with almond milk), and 2) It’s a treat for your gut:  

  • Dairy and lactose-free (so won't upset your belly if you're lactose intolerant) 
  • Free from artificial sweeteners, which can throw your good gut bacteria out of whack 
  • Boosted with fibre-rich wholefoods like psyllium and flaxseed (these are like a broom for your intestines) 
  • Loaded with berries, which give you 'polyphenols': plant compounds with prebiotic properties (prebiotics fuel good gut bacteria)


Swap Sugary Ginger Beer for Bragg’s Ginger Spice Drink 

A ginger-loaded drink can be great for soothing your gut and alleviating nausea...provided it's not loaded with sugar - which can leave your gut feeling even worse for wear in the short term, and upset your gut’s balance of good bacteria in the long term. 
On top of being sugar-free, Bragg’s Ginger Spice Apple Cider Vinegar Drink is awesome because it's made with REAL GINGER - unlike commercial ginger beers, which often just contain ginger flavour.


Swap Collagen from the Chemist with On The Glo Collagen 

We want to help you navigate the supplement aisle, and when it comes to collagen, we go straight for Happy Way X Lorna Jane’s On The Glo collagen. 
Featured in this month’s Box, just one sachet will give you 10 x MORE skin-plumping collagen than those collagen tablets on your left. Simple add to your smoothie or a glass of water and drink your way to better health from the inside out. 


Swap Fibre Gummies for Fem21 

Designed to support women’s gut flora and so much more, here are just some of the reasons why we’ve handpicked Fem 21 for the Gut Lovin' Box

  • It gives you fibre from wholefoods (psyllium + slippery elm) to alleviate constipation, add bulk to your stools, and give you a healthy poop 
  • It's FREE from ingredients we say NO to, like gut-upsetting sorbitol - an artificial sweetener that draws water into the bowel (a recipe for diarrhoea) 
  • It's formulated with loads of other gut-loving ingredients, like ginger to help settle an upset stomach, and berries for a healthy dose of antioxidants


Keen to make some of these swaps? Find them in this month’s Gut Lovin’ Box and on the GoodnessMe Shop!
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