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8 Of The Healthiest Snack Bars To Power You Through 2021

The number of bars in the snack food aisle keeps on growing, so we’re here to help you choose the most nourishing ones on the market.Find these at the supermarket, health food store, or over at our online shop. Happy snacking!

Ceres Organic Raw Bites

Addressing the gap in the market for savoury snack bars, Ceres have launched their new unique range in both sweet (Magic Ginger with superfood mushrooms) and savoury (Tomato-Sup Herb with hemp protein) varieties. Pop a couple of these in your handbag for when the snack attack hits. 

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Bounce Brekkie Bars

The perfect grab 'n' go snack when you're rushing out the door of a morning and equally as great for school lunchboxes! High in fibre and containing no refined sugar, this wholefood brekkie bar is made from a delicious nut and seed blend and comes in a variety of different flavours (you'll find the coconut and goji in the April box). Shop Bounce on the GoodnessMe Market

Blue Dinosaur Bars

Made with 100% real food ingredients, this brand has set the (snack) bar high for the snack food scene. Their range includes Paleo Bars, Protein Bars with 25g of protein per serve (from beef collagen, egg whites, and nuts), and Super Bites for a snack-sized energy hit.

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Shelby's Healthy Hedonism Bars

These refined sugar free bars come in classic flavour combos like Peanut Butter, Coconut & Dark Choc, plus ones you’ve never tried before, like Almond, Turmeric, Coconut & Yoghurt (this really works). They’re also free from gluten and sugar alcohols (which can be a gut irritant), and the nut butter varieties boast 10g of protein per bar.

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The Daily Bar

If you’re looking for a meal in a bar, this is it. Made with a nutrient-dense seed and activated buckwheat base, The Daily Bar is date free and comes in countless flavour combos that are just as enticing as the beautifully designed packaging; think PB Brownie, Salted Caramel, Mint Choc Chip, and Creamy Coconut Mango.



Kitz Living Foods Bars

Made entirely with raw and nourishing wholefoods Kitz offers something for numerous dietary requirements, with paleo, FODMAP friendly, and nut free (lunchbox friendly) options. The Mocha Energy bar is our favourite.

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Happy Way Organic Snack Bars

Finally, a snack bar for kids that won’t make their energy spike and crash. Not only are these plant-based and nutrient-dense thanks to ingredients like quinoa, pepitas, and sunflower seeds, they’re also low in allergens, being free from soy, nuts, dairy, and gluten. We also love that they’re 100% Australian made.

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Grilo Organic Cricket Energy Bars

Before you scrunch up your nose, hear us out: crickets are one of the most sustainable sources of protein, requiring significantly less land, feed, and water than livestock to survive (22,000L of water are needed to produce a kilo of beef, whereas just 1L of water produces a kilo of crickets). Besides, you won’t taste any traces of cricket in Grilo’s bars; organic cricket powder has been blended with ingredients like nuts, seeds, and dates for a smooth texture and natural sweetness. These might just be the protein bars of the future, and in flavours like Chocolate Mint and Banoffee Pie, you’ll want to give them a go.

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EnergGi Bio Bars

These low GI whey protein bars provide blood sugar support, gut-loving pre and probiotics, and 10g of protein per serve. With just over 3g of sugar per bar, these are some of the lowest-sugar, artificial sugar-free bars out there (being sweetened with plant-derived xylitol and stevia). 

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