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Best High Protein Snack Swaps

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

After a satisfying snack that’s high in protein and wholesome? We’ve got you.
Here are some grab-and-go high protein snacks which we reckon taste better than the OG.

Save these swaps for your next health food shop! 

Funch DIY Explorer Mix


We love a healthy mix to make snack time easier and Funch’s explorer range is a fun way to change up our snacking routine. With delicious protein balls in a wider range of flavours, they’ve done the hard work so all we have to do is mix and enjoy.

When it comes to protein balls, something to look into is where they get their protein from. What we love about the Funch mixes is that the protein comes from real food ingredients, rather than just highly refined protein powders. Many supermarket protein balls use refined protein powders and that’s not even the worst of the ingredients they generally contain. From highly processed sweeteners to emulsifiers and vegetable oils, you’ll find a range of nasties in most supermarket protein snacks.

Homemade is generally best, so we’re making the most of the convenience of Funch’s mixes to meet all of our protein snack needs.


VGood Tomato & Basil Chickpea Twists

A high protein snack with a difference, these VGood Tomato & Basil Chickpea Twists are predominantly made up of chickpeas. They give us that satisfying crunch, with a protein hit, leaving us feeling satisfied on all fronts. 

Chickpeas are a fantastic source of plant-based protein and dietary fibre, which means they’re also great for the health of our gut! Unlike supermarket chips with highly refined ingredients, inflammatory canola oil, added sugars and a ton of preservatives, these twists are made up of real food ingredients. They’re even flavoured with real vegetable powders like tomato, onion and garlic and dried herbs like mint and basil. Talk about a flavour sensation!


Swap a Supermarket Protein Bar for a Kuranda Wholefoods Protein Bar


Have you ever read the ingredients your go-to protein bar is made with? Most protein bars from the supermarket/chemist are made with a LONG list of ingredients, which more often than not is a red flag for a highly processed product. 

If you love your protein bars but are keen for a cleaner option, check the ingredients! 

Pro-tip: A protein bar with a short and sweet ingredients list - and with more ingredients you can actually recognise versus ingredients you've never heard of - will be a better-for-you option.

Case in point: that Berry Nice Protein Bar from Kuranda Wholefoods. 


Swap a Cadbury Cookie For a Botanika Bickie

We're all about a double choc chip cookie, but let's be real. It's hard not to eat the whole bag of bickies when they're pretty much made with refined flour and sugar. Enter the Choc Choc Boom Bickie by Botanika Blends. Made with wholefood ingredients like cashew paste, almond meal and 70% dark choc chips (woo!), and boosted with organic plant protein, you'll actually feel satisfied after one of these guys with your cuppa.

P.S. If the fibre content isn't listed in a product's nutritional info, that's probably because it has next to none of it. 

Swap a Caramel KitKat for a Locako Choc Caramel Bar

If you can’t go past anything choc caramel but are keen to cut back on super processed snacks, save this swap! Locako’s Keto Collagen Bar tastes like a treat, AND:

  • Peanuts are the first ingredient, not sugar (ingredients are always listed in descending order of quantity).
  • Instead of being based on refined wheat flour, it's chock-a-block with nutritious alternatives - like fibre and vitamin E-rich almonds, plus organic pea protein to help steady your blood sugar. 
  • It's sweetened with stevia and erythritol (plant-derived, sugar-free sweeteners) instead of numerous forms of refined sugar (Sweetened Condensed Milk and Glucose, we're looking at you!)  
  • It's FULL of good fats to keep your belly full, your cravings at bay, and your energy levels steady.  
  • It's boosted with probiotics, a treat for your tummy.

Our advice: get your hands on some of the other awesome flavours Locako has come up with while you’re stocking up. 

Swap a Quest Protein Bar for a 180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Bar

Quest bars might be a cult product in the fitness world, but they definitely don’t pass the wholefood test at GoodnessMe. The long ingredients list in a Quest bar is a dead giveaway for a super processed product, with a few too many ingredients that sound like they came from a lab (like the artificial sweetener, sucralose, for one). More often than not, when comparing two food products from the same category, the one with the shorter list of ingredients will be the less processed option. Swap your daily Quest Bar for a 180 Nutrition Superfood Protein Bar and you’ll taste (and maybe even feel) the wholefood difference. 

Swap Yoplait’s LeRice Pudding for Macro Mike’s Plant Protein Pudding

You’re either a pudding person or you’re not; if you’re the former, this swap won’t disappoint. We love everything Macro Mike makes, down to his latest creation: a speedy, creamy pudding that will give you: 

  • 21.3g of protein (to help steady blood sugar and crush those pesky cravings). 
  • Less than one teaspoon of sugar per serve, compared to almost five teaspoons of sugar in that LeRice pud.
  • A noteworthy amount of filling, gut-loving fibre from almonds and fava beans. 

Available in all our favourite flavours (Peanut Butter, Choc Fudge, Almond Delight, Banana Custard, Creamy Vanilla and Berry White Choc), props to Macro Mike for giving pudding a wholefood makeover for a dessert we never knew we needed.

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