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My Day On My Plate: Lizzie Bland Founder of Lean Bean Fitness & Lean Bean Retreats

Lizzie Bland is an ex-professional dancer turned female fitness expert and is the founder of Lean Bean Fitness & Lean Bean Retreats.
Lizzie moved to Sydney after graduating from the prestigious dance school, Urdang Dance Academy in London and has since dedicated herself to building the LBF community.

Lizzie's list of teaching qualifications includes Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Boxing & Pre/Postnatal exercise, and can be found regularly teaching at the studio- along with her sidekick/better half/assistant Artie- the toy poodle who keeps tabs on everyone's form and offers the occasional sweat lick.


Always my biggest meal of the day. Usually, a bowl of porridge made with soy milk, oats, mashed banana, and cinnamon. As my bessert, breakfast-dessert... I don't know if that's a thing I just made it up as I wrote this, I'll have a couple of heaped spoons of peanut butter. Crunchy and slightly salted and no other way.


Fruit. I'm not the kind of person that can’t tolerate fruit so I eat a lot of it. As in...I probably eat 10 portions a day. My fave's are melon, persimmons, raspberries and apples. I'll also have a pot of full fat yoghurt as a 4pm snack for some calcium and protein.


I prefer hot food all year round so I'll have soup or heat up some leftover veggie curry and serve with broccoli and carrot chips. If I'm out I'll get a salad or a poké bowl.



My boyfriend Jonathan cooks a big batch of veggie chilli and curries on the weekend so I normally have that with brown rice and veg. My regular meal, if I'm cooking, is boiling black bean pasta, adding a jar of organic pasta sauce, throwing in some herbs for good measure and pouring over nutritional yeast because it's SO tasty but also high in B-vitamins & protein. Jonathan refuses to have the nutritional yeast on top as he 'doesn't like the name'. True story.


Recipe idea

Although it's starting to heat up now, soup is my go-to when I'm feeling run down. This is the 'Green Bean Soup' which I make by throwing everything in a slow cooker and then blitzing it. You get your daily serve of greens in one bowl and the beans keep you full for hours.

Click here for Lizzies 'Green Brean Soup' Recipe

Insta: @leanbeanfitnessau

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