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December Kids Box Reveal! 

Little ones will love discovering what’s in this month’s Kids Box! Each product has been carefully selected to help you give the kids the goodness they deserve. We think they’ll give everything two thumbs up. Make sure to try a bite of some of the goodies when they’re not looking…

Messy Monkeys Berry Rice Buff Bars 

A lower sugar alternative to an LCM bar, a Messy Monkey bar has over 50% less sugar per 100g than an LCM Kaleidos bar, and only 2.5 g sugar per serve (that’s low for a snack bar - about half a teaspoon). We love that it has no artificial colours or flavours, and that it’s studded with fibre-rich ingredients - like chickpeas, sunflower seeds and wholegrain puffed sorghum (a gluten free grain) to help keep little bellies healthy and happy.   

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Shelby's Healthy Hedonism Cookies

Not your conventional cookie, Shelby’s has raised the bar in the wholefood biccie department. With no egg, dairy, or gluten, these bites of goodness cater to numerous dietary requirements, all while tasting as good (if not better) than a commercial cookie – thanks to ingredients like buttery coconut oil, creamy coconut milk, and apple for natural sweetness. Available in three flavours (Choc Chip and Raspberry & White Chocolate), we bet you’ll end up grabbing another box of these to share with your little one…they disappear fast!  

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Biome Bamboo Kids Toothbrush 

A soft and effective toothbrush that also provides a little lesson about sustainability. Featuring superior hygiene and long-lasting bristles (they stay in top shape for two to three months), and you can bury or compost the handle when it’s time for a new one - unlike plastic toothbrushes, which aren’t recyclable and end up in landfill.

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Gutsii Raspberry Rapsody Prebiotic Chocolate

Not your average chocolate bar, this has no added sugar (just natural sweetness from raspberries) and contains plant-derived fibre (inulin) - which works as a prebiotic, fuelling good gut bacteria (probiotics). Try roughly chopping the bar and using the chunks like chocolate chips for whatever wholefood treat you’re baking for the kids (or yourself). 

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Bilberry Chill 

The kids will love this for the packaging, and you’ll love it because it’s 100% natural and will get some goodness into them! Featuring cold-pressed Siberian wild bilberries, these have double the health-protective antioxidants of farmed bilberries. For a weekend treat, add a splash to a glass of iced water for your little one - a fun beverage that has way less sugar than soft drink. 

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