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Dessert Q&A with Jessica Sepel

Before our Dessert Whole Food Night markets last July we sat down with Nutritionist Jess Sepel and asked her about all things Dessert. Here's what she had to say.

Your prediction for the new superfoods of 2017?

I think turmeric, teff flour and brussel sprouts will become more popular.

Top tips for eating dessert in moderation?

Definitely end the diet mentality, to enjoy each mouthful of dessert. Remember that you can have some more tomorrow and turn to wholefoods-based, unrefined, sugar-free sweet treats.

Why is it so important for a healthy life that we can enjoy dessert?

Giving yourself permission to enjoy all foods seems to relieve stress for people. Indulgence (in moderation) allows for balance.

What is your go-to healthy dessert?

My favourite is a salted raw chocolate or a healthy apple crumble served with greek yoghurt

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Warm crumble with ice-cream or chocolate fondant.

Favourite naughty dessert swap?

Definitely nice-cream !! My choc coconut nice-cream is too die for - you'll have to wait for book 2 for that one!

Craziest dessert with hidden veggies?

Carrot cake….

Favourite dessert for breakfast? 

Breakfast brownies from book 2. Yes, brownies for breakfast are a thing! 

Raw vs. baked?


Sweet vs. savoury?


Honey vs. stevia?

Depends! I like honey drizzled on oats, but I use a little stevia to sweeten my almond chai tea.

Chocolate vs. fruit?  

A little piece of dark chocolate once in a while is one of my other guilty pleasures.

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