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Down and Desserty with Luke Hines

The ever so handsome Luke Hines sat down with us to chat about our favourite topic ever. Dessert. 

Your prediction for the new superfoods of 2017?

Turmeric is going to go off the charts in 2017. We are starting to see it incorporated into lattes and smoothies, but I don’t think we’ve even touched the surface. Not surprising with the incredible range of health benefits.

Top tips for eating dessert in moderation?

My top tip is remember that raw superfood packed treats are super nutrient dense, meaning they often contain more vitamins, minerals and calories than processed foods. So my top tip is to remember you need less to feel full. Quality not quantity.

Why is it so important for a healthy life that we can enjoy dessert?

Dessert can be the cornerstone to happiness and celebration in peoples lives. Whether its a birthday, anniversary or a special surprise, we associate delicious treats with spoiling ourself and others. We should deny ourselves the innate feelings of excitement associated with this ritual. Moderation and epic quality ingredients, get amongst it, its a no brainer.

What is your go-to healthy dessert?

Nothing beats a quick and easy chocolate fix that only needs three ingredients. Simply melt down equal parts of raw cacao and cacao butter and add in 1/4 of a part natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup, set it in the fridge to from up, and you have a dark decadent raw chocolate to power down.

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

My Golden Gaytime cake! Its a healthy take on the famous ice cream. Vanilla sponge, coconut caramel cream, chocolate icing and cookie crumble!

Favourite naughty dessert swap?

Chocolate Mousse for Avocado Mousse!

Craziest dessert with hidden veggies?

I make these red velvet cupcakes that are 75% grated beetroot! They are amazing, so so so good. A fav!!

Favourite dessert for breakfast?

Um, any dessert is great for breakfast, are you kidding?

Raw vs. baked?


Sweet vs. savoury?


Honey vs. stevia?


Chocolate vs. fruit?

Um, do I even need to answer this? CHOCOLATE!

Luke Hines live was in action at our November Wholefood Markets in 2016.

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