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Eating Mindfully: I Love Food Declaration

What do you think about when you eat? I know this sounds like a strange question, but are you aware of the thoughts running through your head when you’re sipping on a green smoothie?
And what about your impressions running through your mind when you’re indulging in a brownie?

Subconscious or conscious, we all hold attitudes towards food. And often, from the constant bombardment of messages for healthy eating/paleo living/gluten/not eating sugar/ aw before 4, we find ourselves robbed of the pure pleasure of eating.

Regardless of your own position, we have all noticed the friend who seems slightly uneasy around the raw mars bar cake, who picks at her steamed fish / garden salad I encourage you all to have a moment before eating to appreciate what purpose it serves for you at that time.

Whether it’s to provide you with energy for all your incredible adventures ahead, refuel after a powerful training session at yoga / pilates / bootcamp, or simply just as an opportunity to catch up with friends and share a bond for chocolate brownies.

By acknowledging how wonderful the experience is we form more positive attitudes towards this - and future - experiences with food.

Written by Olivia Arezzolo - certified personal trainer, nutrition student and psychology graduate. Who's Italian background has taught her that food is to be celebrated, shared and rejoiced over - each and every day. See more of Olivia on her Website | Instagram_

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