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Excuse me for being a little selfish...

Excuse me for being a little selfish, but I’m writing this blog post for me.

It has taken me three years to reach some of my health goals but one thing I haven’t spent as much time focusing on is my mind. So here goes nothing. With the New Year in full swing and my healthy body and nutrition goals coming together from years of hard work, it is time to focus on my brainwaves.

So why the formal announcement? On the contrary, this ain’t formal. Each month as part of my New Year goals I’ve decided to share a stream of my consciousness, the inner workings of GoodnessMe Box, my health battles and wins and overall a rambling of my thoughts and ideas. I love writing and since GoodnessMe Box went from a tiny business in my apartment to a full-blown operation in 30 days, I haven’t had a chance to do some of the things I really love. New years goal (1) do more of what you love and what makes you happy.

I’ve become a tad obsessed with podcasts lately (while I exercise, it kills two birds with one stone) and I hear that to really kick some goals for the year it is important to go back and assess what you achieved in 2015.

Running a business and staying on top of your health is tough. I’m not going to lie, it is certainly a balancing act and was just as tough when I was doing to my 9-5 job.

When I found out I had an autoimmune condition, three of my antibody levels were deficient. To put it simply, my body has trouble fighting off any invaders, hence I was sick every other week. After 18 months two of my antibodies were in normal range, and at the end of 2015 after taking tests again all three are now in normal range! They are still on the lower end of normal and will always fluctuate but this was a massive goal in my book. Hard work and commitment does pay off.

After following my Doctor’s orders my digestive health results are now balanced as well! No bacterial overgrowth no more (it doesn’t sound pretty I know), and I can begin reintroducing some foods I have been missing. Since 70-80% of your immune system is in your gut this was cause for celebration...Oh coffee how I missed you.

Food is such a powerful healing tool. Sometimes your friends or family may look at you funny and not understand why you are eliminating things like gluten or dairy or refined sugar, but you have to remember nobody knows your body as well as you do.

So back to the brain. While my food and nutrition is on track, I haven’t focused as much on my mind. I keep reading and hearing about all the great benefits of meditation. If I’m honest with myself, I’ve been making excuses. So 2016 is the year! You can’t do everything at once and I’ve been taking baby steps. I’m setting some realistic goals and steps:

  • Download Headspace App
  • Meditate for 3 minutes every second day
  • Ultimate goal is to work my way up to 20 minutes every day

This is my first rant while I wait for the couch removalist to arrive on a Friday morning. I moved house over the holiday period (fresh start, new light, new air) and was so excited for 2016, and what GoodnessMe Box has in store, I continued to work without much down time. When you love what you do, you don’t wanna stop. The important part is I’ve planned some time in Byron Bay next week to truly switch off.

So, until next time…here are five things I’m loving right now (and none of this is sponsored):

  1. My Five Minute Journal: Not only do you list what you are grateful for, but you write a list of ‘what will make today great’ and then reflect in the evening ‘how will happenings today make me a better person’.
  2. Secret Garden: A pull-out and frame colouring in book to relax the mind.
  3. Frank Green cups: These are amazing! Sustainable and reusable smart cups that don’t leak, come in cool colours and they have a scanner to remember your coffee order!
  4. Podcasts: Listening to The Tim Ferriss Show currently. He interviews the greatest people in the world who are the top of their game in their field and I honestly learn five things that change my life each and every time (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s story is my fave so far, I now understand why people adore him)
  5. Venerdi Paleo Bread: Made from almond meal and egg and tastes like bread (as the name indicates).
    Peta x

What did you achieve in 2015? And what are your goals for the new year? Talk to me or find me day-to-day @petashulman

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