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Five Chocolate Trends We're Digging Right Now

By Melissa Fine, Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor.

We love our chocolate at GoodnessMe Box HQ; Here’s what we’ve been munching on lately…

1) Chocolate with SALT:
I like how a little bit of sea salt brings out and balances the sweetness of chocolate. KOKOPOD, an online gourmet chocolate company based in Brisbane, make an awesome Smoky Black chocolate bar – Sprinkled with sea salt for a real flavour pop. So satisfying!

2) Chocolate made to order:
This means it will be fresh and most likely better for you. Chocolatier and creator of KOKOPOD Brigid Erin says that chocolate sold in store can be anywhere from eight-16 weeks old. And then there’s highly processed, packaged chocolate at the supermarket, which can have a shelf life of up to two years; Sure it might taste like it was just made yesterday, but that’s because its packed with unnatural ingredients that keep it that way. “Making fresh chocolate give us the ability to avoid using preservatives, fillers and shelf-life stabilisers”, Brigid says. “So you know you are only getting the purest products for your body. This is important to us.”

3) Chocolate with a conscience:
When you buy a fair-trade product, you’re voting for fair-trade practices. “Cacao farming can be a lucrative process”, says Brigid. “I strongly believe in farmers getting paid adequately for their time and effort to produce quality beans. I admire companies who identify the farmers’ needs and therefore proudly use Felchlin chocolate, whose company uses fair-trade principles when liaising and trading with all farmers.”

4) Chocolate made with love:
There’s something special about eating a handmade dessert; You appreciate the attention to fine detail, the slight variations from piece to piece. “As much time is spent in the designing and preparation processes for each chocolate at KOKOPOD as there is for the construction and production”, Brigid says. “Some days my tables are full of books, notepads, sketches and electronics and other days full of cake tins, piping bags, paintbrushes and of course chocolate!” Sounds like a fun day at the office to us!

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