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Five Easy Swaps To Live More Sustainably

By GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine

We’ve shared our stance on plastic food packing - not only is it harmful to the environment, it can have a negative impact on our health too.

So instead of storing your food in takeaway containers or in cling wrap, and getting your daily coffee in a single-use disposable cup, why not make a small investment in some reusable options? Here are some of our go-tos.

FreshPaper by Urban Ethos

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Until I came across FreshPaper, I was having to throw out at least two portions of fruit and veggies every week - strawberries and spinach being common culprits. Not anymore - plastic free FreshPaper is infused with organic spices which prevent any funny fungal or bacterial growth, while also inhibiting the development of enzymes which cause over-ripening.

All you have to do is place one small FreshPaper sheet into a fridge draw, carton, bag or container that’s filled with fruit, veg or herbs. This will keep your fresh produce in great shape for twice as long as usual: up to four to five days at room temperature, or five to seven days in the fridge...and for just $2 a week - way less money than the amount you’d waste on fruit and veg gone bad each week.



SmartCups from Frank Green

Our coffee habits in Australia see us going through one billion disposable coffee cups every year - these typically CANNOT be recycled due to paper coffee cups being lined with plastic, something many consumers are unaware of. Think of the number of disposable coffee cups you’d prevent from going into landfill if you made a small, approximately $30 investment in a reusable coffee cup.

We just love Frank Green’s SmartCups and SmartBottles, made with ZERO plastic and available in bold and pastel colour combos to suit every personal can even customise your colours! Curved to comfortably fit your hand, and with a stain and odour resistant inner, you won’t be reverting back to disposable coffee cups to avoid that funky smell you get with plastic reusable cups. And with a smart spill-resistant lid, there’ll be no arriving at work with a latte-stained outfit.



Reusable Straws from the Clean Coast Collective

Plastic straws are beginning to get the bad reputation they deserve - they’re just so wasteful and often unnecessary, especially if you’ve just ordered a glass of water. We can’t wait to get our hands on these polished gold-plated stainless straws (to-be-released 22 June 2018), with the slim version being perfect for juices, and the wide version working a treat for smoothies. They come with a slim kangaroo leather clutch, so you can carry your straws with you when you’re out and about...just remember to say “no straw please!”



Made-To-Last Grocery Bags from Flip & Tumble

Eco-friendly food storage starts at the supermarket, and Flip & Tumble’s cute and colourful “compactable”shopping bags have so far been estimated to have replaced 19 million disposable plastic bags and counting. Keep forgetting to bring your reusable bags to the supermarket? Flip & Tumble’s machine-washable bags can be easily folded and made compact - so you’ll have no excuse not to keep one handy in your handbag or backpack.



Naturally Sustainable Your one-stop eco-friendly product shop!

From glass water bottles and reusable bamboo cutlery, to stainless steel lunch boxes and organic cotton lunch and snack bags, Naturally Sustainable has it all. We have our eyes on the innovative Wrap It Green beeswax wraps in store - a natural and reusable alternative to plastic food more plastic-wrapped sandwiches!


Do you have any other favourite environmentally friendly brands? We’d love it if you’d share them with us in the Comments!

Try FreshPaper now in the June box!

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