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GMB Health Transformation with Jodi Peak

We have been following Jodi's health journey since she first started receiving a GoodnessMe Box. Her health transformation has been nothing short of inspiring to watch as her recipes became more and more creative on Instagram as the months went by. We took some time to get to know Jodi better and share her story with you!

What is your food philosophy?

To be healthy, most of the time! I believe healthy food makes a healthy body, but sometimes, you just need to eat a donut (or three!) and be at peace with that! :)

Tell us about your eating choices now compared to a few years ago? How different does your shopping trolley look?

I never saw food as fuel, I saw food as something to fix my hunger, so I ate takeaway and highly processed foods that were full of numbers and colours! Now, I avoid those things (99% of the time) and focus on wholefoods that will nourish my body! I believe in eating the rainbow and eating food in it's most purest state as possible!

What was the turning point that made you sit up and make a change to your lifestyle?

I used to work shift work hours which affected my sleeping patterns and energy levels, I was working 60+ hours a week for a long time. I left that job and realised I had more time to take care of myself and started making healthier choices, cooking more meals rather than eating out, and I started checking ingredients and making better choices!

How do you feel now compared to when you were eating differently?

I feel like I am loving my body! I am fuelling it rather than destroying it! I rarely get sick now, and if I do, my body fights it off much faster now than it would have a few years ago. I am looking after my body now, so that it looks after me later in life! :)

How has GoodnessMe Box helped you on your health journey?

GoodnessMe Boxes have introduced me to so many healthy products that I may not have heard of if I wasn't part of the GMB family! I love my monthly box and always look forward to trying new products and creating new recipes with the ingredients! I find it really motivating to be part of something that inspires so many people to make better choices! :)

What are your ultimate favourite health product finds that you have discovered through GoodnessMe Box that you recommend to help others?

  • Green Banana Resistant Starch
  • Rice Malt Syrup
  • Madame Flavour Tea
  • The Happy Snack Company products
  • BSKT products

So many things!!

Have you had a GoodnessMe Box Health Transformation? We'd love to hear about it.

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