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GMB Transformation: Meet Our June Wholefoodie!

We love seeing how we have helped inspire people in the GMB Fam on their wellness journey - from learning how to read nutrition labels, making healthy food swaps and adopting lifelong habits from our regular challenges. This month, we chat to member of the GMB Fam and Wholefoodie, Karina Graham. Keep reading as she takes us through her health story!

How did you eat growing up?

Basically, a traditional diet, I loved fruit and vegetables but had a real sweet tooth. My mother was always on a diet and very weight conscious. This was not a positive influence with food for me, practically in my teen years, my approach was an all or nothing attitude with being ‘good’ or eating ‘bad’.

How would you describe your food philosophy?

Fuel your body with goodness, and it will take you places. I love to cook and create in the kitchen, fresh is always best! The GMB box tag once came with a saying…. An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure… that sums me up perfectly.

What made you switch to wholefoods?

I reached a time where I felt very sluggish and lacked energy. I needed help, I felt out of control, everything I thought was healthy was not helping my wellbeing, mentally or physically. I was putting on weight very easily, even though I thought I was eating well. A Lack of family history and education were key factors.

Was the change difficult and if so how did you overcome this?

Initially it was quite overwhelming where to start, it can be very confusing with the conflicting information available. My lifestyle has evolved progressively through knowledge and listening to my body, really taking note of what makes me feel good. Being guided by a holistic approach and professional advice over the years has been very well worth it. I think many of us attach ourselves with certain foods emotionally. If we can address that, then letting go of food that is not making us feel well is so much easier.

How do you feel now that you eat wholefoods?

Energised, a feeling of wellbeing, and proud that I am defying family genetics* through food and lifestyle choices. *(celiac, diabetes, and high cholesterol)

Any tips or advice for those out there trying to make the switch to a wholefood lifestyle?

Take note of how the food you eat makes you feel. Try to adapt slowly, give your body and tastebuds time to adjust. Small goals and adjustments, all add up to a positive lifestyle change. Learn to read food labels and get some guidance. GMB provides great guidance.

After making the switch, how did you feel after and did you notice things you could do that you couldn't do before?

I am a morning person now, energised and love to workout 5-6 days a week. 

Is there anything you can do now or you have done, which you once thought would have been impossible?

I started running 10 years ago and, in this time, my wholefood lifestyle has evolved. What I have learned is, that what you put in your body, you get out. I have run countless ½ marathons and running events including five full 42km marathons and completed 2 ultra-marathons. All injury free within the events, with a great recovery rate, and progressively continued personal best times. I am just a mum, who wanted to be fit, guided by a trainer, who loves a challenge. If I can do it, anyone can. Eating well, and giving your body goodness, you get greatness! (whatever that looks like for you)


What are 4 staple products that are always in your shopping trolley?

Berries, herbal tea, vegetables, oats.

How has GMB helped you on your health journey?

I love to stay up to date with the latest in all things healthy, the recipes and community that GMB has created is amazing. I really look forward to the boxes, my son says it is always like Christmas for me. 

What has been your all-time favourite product in our box and why?

Ooh that is a hard one! So many great things. But recently, I would have to say the Remedy Tepache was an absolute favourite, I am a real kombucha fan. Also the Ceres Chickpea Crisps Turmeric and Black Pepper were delicious. I have purchased both a few times since the discovery in the GMB, so good. 

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