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Healthy Breakfast Swaps to Help You Seize the Day

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

If there’s one thing 2021 has given us, it’s extra time to whip up a good breakkie. Here are some better-for-you breakkie options that are worth getting out of bed for. 

Swap Golden Waffles for PomPom Paddock Pancake & Waffle Mix


Waffles or pancakes? We love the sweet nostalgia of waffles...but not so much all the refined ingredients they're typically made with. 

So we did a little happy dance when we got our hands on the latest innovative product from PomPom Paddock. 

Whether you're Team Waffle or Team Pancake, you can whip either or up with PomPom Paddock's wholefood mix that's light, fluffy, and FREE from all the highly processed ingredients we say no thanks to at GoodnessMe. 

Swap Woolies Toasted Honey Muesli for Farmer Jo Salted Maple Muesli


Next time you’ve run out of muesli, give that one from Farmer Jo a go. Not only is it free from refined sugars and preservatives (unlike the supermarket brand version), it’s brimming with wholefood ingredients that taste like a treat. We love it with coconut yoghurt and berries, or almond milk and banana slices. Delicious sprinkled on smoothie bowls, too (or eaten by the handful!). 

Swap White Bread for Mt Elephant Savoury Protein Bread


If you prefer something savoury first thing in the AM, this one’s for you. Those two different bread products are like chalk and cheese, and it’s pretty obvious why the bread mix from Mt. Elephant is our pick. Just add eggs (or flax eggs), apple cider vinegar and olive or hemp seed oil for a quick and flavourful savoury bread that won’t see you scrambling for a snack an hour later like white toast will. Did we mention Mt. Elephant also does an awesome Banana Protein Bread Baking Mix, along with no-added-sugar Almond & Buckwheat Pancake Mixes? You’re welcome. 

Swap Green’s Banana Bread Mix for The Gluten Free Food Co Banana Bread Mix


Can't go past a good old slice of banana bread but looking for a healthier option? Skip the one from the supermarket and grab The Gluten Free Food Co’s Banana Bread Mix for peace of mind that you're making a better-for-you choice - all while nipping that nani bread craving in the bud. Rather than being based on refined white flour, it’s loaded with wholesome, gluten-free flours that only add to the yumminess - like fibre-rich coconut flour and nutty-tasting flaxseed, a great plant-based source of essential omega-3. There’s even green banana flour in here, which gives you prebiotic-like resistant starch to fuel your good gut bacteria.

Swap Milo Cereal for 2Die4 Holy Cacao! Granola Clusters


Ummm where to start! The length of the ingredients list for that cereal on your left says it all. Yet again, less = MORE! Head to the GoodnessMe Shop for loads of wholefood products that are proof of that, like 2Die4’s wholefood take on all those choccie cereals from your childhood. Pro-tip: top yours with your go-to milk for a breakkie that’s just like a chocolate milkshake, only antioxidant-rich AND crunchy. 

Swap Sugar-Loaded Iced Coffee with First Press Iced Oat Milk Coffee


We'll take our coffee without any added sugars, fake flavours, or weird numbers, thanks! That iced latte from First Press gives you none of that, all while going down a treat on sleepy mornings, thanks to a double shot of cold drip and creamy, naturally sweet oat milk. No added sugar needed.










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