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Healthy Smoothie and Juice Ingredients

Juices and smoothies remain to be very in vogue, but if you don’t do them right, they can undo your health efforts.Here’s what will make yours better for you. By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine.

1) Vegetables

Bump up the veggies and cut back on the fruit in your juice or smoothie and you’ll be downing a lot less sugar. And remember with vegetables that variety is key so that you get a nice mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; Think carrots for betacarotene (which becomes vitamin A in the body), leafy greens like kale and spinach for folate, and vitamin C-rich beetroot. Drink the rainbow.

2) Superfood Powders

These are a great way to get extra nutrients into you – try energising wheat grass, alkalising barley grass or chlorella powder, which you’ll get in Bioglan’s Superfood RAAW Juice Powder.

Another good thing about green or superfood powders, they can help boost your nutrient intake; Handy when we don’t really know how much of the good stuff is left in our fruit and veg from the supermarket when factors like cold storage are taken into account.

3) Fruit

There’s nothing wrong with a little fruit in your juice or smoothie for natural sweetness, as long as you don’t overdo it. If I’m making one at home or ordering at a juice bar, I stick to just one serve of fruit – like an orange, an apple or 1 cup of pineapple. This means there’ll be a much higher ratio of vegetables to fruit, but just enough fruit to provide sweetness along with their broad spectrum of nutrients.

Be cautious of higher sugar veggies though like carrots – it’s easy to squeeze four or five of these into a juice, which you’d never eat in one sitting.

4) Good Fat

Fat in a juice? Yep – a little fat will help delay stomach emptying, and thanks to its well-rounded, lingering flavour, will make your smoothie or juice way more satisfying. There’ll also be much less of a blood sugar spike with the addition of fat.

Add some coconut milk, nut butter or chia seeds to your juice or smoothie and see if you feel fuller for longer. I love blending a frozen banana (peel and chop before freezing) with 1/3 cup coconut milk and a tablespoon of almond butter; top with a generous handful of baby spinach before blending and you have a balanced meal that tastes like a banana smoothie (you can’t taste the spinach).

…Another Thing: Portion Control
It’s easy to forget when we slurp down a juice or smoothie that it contains energy. For the average person, your smoothie or juice should be seen as your snack – not something to have on top of a bliss ball or muesli bar.

And although it only cost a dollar or two more, skip the medium or large size and stick to a small. You’ll avoid the excess kilojoules and will probably feel more energised than you would had you ordered a large – All that extra liquid can leave you feeling too full and bloated.

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