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How To Become A Breakfast Person

Our resident Nutritionist and Health Editor Melissa Fine shares five easy ways to make your breakfast healthier, easier and more appealing!

1. Take it with you to work:
Can’t stomach a meal first thing in the morning? That’s okay; You don’t have to eat breakfast the minute you wake up. Have it at a time that works best for you, when you can enjoy it slowly, rather than wolfing it down so you don’t miss the bus; You’ll digest it better this way and feel more satisfied as you’ll register that you’ve eaten.

2. Make it easy:
There’s a misconception that only unhealthy breakkies are quick and that healthier options are always time-consuming. Why not swap your high GI cornflakes for low GI, fibre-rich rolled oats? You don’t actually have to cook oats on the stove; Just pour some water (room temp or hot) or your favourite milk over them and leave them to soak up the liquid while you have a shower or while you’re getting a coffee…Come back and your oats will be soft and plump and ready!

3. Mix it up:
Eating the same breakfast everyday can get boring, and also limits the variety of nutrients in your diet. Try alternating between sweet and savoury options, hot and cold breakfasts and plant and animal based proteins. Some easy on-the-go breakkies I like:

  • Two hard boiled eggs or some smoked salmon on sourdough toast with smashed avo.
  • A smoothie made with a scoop of whey/vegan protein powder, half a banana, your favourite milk or coconut water and a handful of ice cubes; Take it to work in a shaker or a jar.
  • A Food For Health Muesli Pod – A much healthier alternative to other ready-prepared meals, like commercial, highly processed liquid breakfasts and protein bars. Keep an eye out for the Blueberries, Vanilla and Teff Muesli Pod at Coles; I love the addition of vanilla – for sweetness without the sugar – and the impressive calcium content that you get from teff, a gluten free grain.

4. Add fun toppings:
Apart from the obvious handful of fresh fruit and dollop of natural yoghurt on your oats, I like a spoonful of creamy almond butter, a sprinkle of crunchy coconut flakes or some nutty ground flaxseed; You can even stir through your favourite whey or vegan protein powder to boost your porridge’s staying power. For savoury toppings, try dukkah, chilli flakes, sesame seeds or some chopped tamari almonds with your eggs and avocado toast.

5. Prep it or pack it the night before:
This takes just a few minutes and will also mean you’re less likely to make impulse breakfast choices come 10 am, or when you’re HANGRY after your pre-work gym session. Whether it’s boiling up a few eggs, making some bircher muesli in a jar or packing a Food For Health Muesli Pod, having your own breakkie with you means you’re less likely to order banana bread with your coffee, or have that cake that always seems to be going around at work.

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