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How To Make The Perfect Muesli

By Nutritionist and Health Editor Melissa Fine.

Picking out all the bits and pieces you don’t like from your store-bought muesli? Why not mix up your own muesli instead?

With homemade or personalised muesli blends like Yousli, you get to choose exactly what’s going into your breakfast. All you need to do is:

1) Select your base: Try nourishing rolled oats, barley or spelt, or a combination of the three. Oats are my favourite – Creamy and sort of sweet. Spelt (an ancient variety of wheat) is also a great alternative to your typical rolled wheat, as it can be easier to digest.

Want some gluten free options for your base that don’t taste like cardboard? Try some puffed gluten free grains like slightly sweet, nutty-tasting quinoa or amaranth, which you’ll find in Yousli’s Gluten Freedom blend. There’s also buckwheat, which despite its name is gluten free; Technically a seed, buckwheat looks like a cereal-grain; I’m a fan of buckinis, like the ones you’ll find in the muesli blends by Yousli – Activated (soaked), crunchy and moreish, they have a mild caramel flavour that’ll make your muesli feel a bit special.

2) Add nuts and seeds:
For added texture, taste and nutrients; I like a handful of creamy macadamias, buttery pecans, or crisp, vitamin E-rich almonds in my muesli, either raw or dry-roasted (so there’s no nasty vegetable oils). To boost the omega-3 content of your muesli (an essential fatty acid with anti-inflammatory properties), throw in a mix of walnuts, linseeds or chia seeds – Great for bumping up the protein and fibre content too, to help keep you full and regular.

…Or some chocolate: Yep, you read that right, but I’m talking about hardcore, real chocolate. If you’re not a morning person, a sprinkle of bittersweet, raw cacao nibs on your muesli might get you up and moving – An antioxidant, magnesium, caffeine and chocolate hit that’s good for you first thing in the a.m!

3) Throw in something sweet:
Think outside the muesli box and choose some not so typical add-ins for sweetness. For something sophisticated, try some diced, uncrystallised ginger – Spicy and warming, it’s perfect for cold mornings. Creamy, crunchy coconut flakes are another tasty add-in; High in fibre too. Or, balance the sweetness of dried fruit like dates and raisins with sour cherries, zesty cranberries or some soft and chewy inca berries.

Looking for some sweetness without the sugar? Try spices like a dusting of fragrant raw cinnamon, which you can add to your Yousli blend.

4) Dish it up:

With milk, almond milk or coconut milk for a quick, easy and satisfying breakkie.
Straight-up, topped with a dollop of natural, Greek or coconut yoghurt; Garnish with fresh berries for a pop of colour.

  • Bircher-style:
    Soak one part muesli to two parts milk, stir in some grated apple if you’d like and leave to set in the fridge overnight; Wake up to a ready-to-eat, café-style breakkie.

  • Hot:
    Nothing tops creamy, comforting porridge on a slow, chilly morning. Perfect with any Yousli blend based on rolled grains; Top with a drizzle of almond butter to bring it all together.

Yousli is a feel-good muesli brand that’s made from delicious whole foods. At you can make and name your own special sugar free blend, or try one of their seriously scrummy pre-made Yousli’s. Yousli have seven pre-made mixes in total, five of them have no added sugar and three are gluten free. All of the bases under the “make your own section” have no added sugar. At a push of a button Yousli deliver to your door anywhere in Oz, faster than you can say feel-good food! :) Welcome to Yousli, come on in and make your day. | @YOUSLI

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