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How To Meditate

Not all meditation is built the same, nor does it get the same results. Meditation is like exercise - there are so many different types, and each type will teach you a different way of meditating.

I would strongly suggest trying Vedic Meditation or finding a practice that suits you and works for you. I'd also suggest trying to stick to it. It can take time to see results and often resistance is just a sign of the work that it’s doing! If you think you're too busy and don't have the time, it means you only need meditation more! It takes 30 days to make/change/break a habit - so you just need to start.

You cannot simply will the mind to stop all thoughts, you need an effective technique to help you do this.

Try just a snappy little digital detox for the first hour after you wake, and an hour before you go to sleep. We think of it like a tiny brain holiday each and every day. Try it and trust me, the results will be incredible.

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