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How To Create A Healthy Kids Lunch Box

A balanced lunch is so important for little ones, helping to keep growing bodies in check and energised, and little minds focused. Easier said than done we know, but here are 3 can-do everyday kids' lunch tips from our Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

1️. Eat the rainbow

Aim for 4-5 different colours from fruit and veg. Think carrot sticks, cucumber crudites, cherry tomatoes, pitted olives, blueberries, grapes... whatever they like!

2️. Don't forget the protein

Protein helps to keep blood sugar and energy levels steady.


  • Leftover grilled chicken with avocado on a sandwich/rice cakes/with rice

  • Hummus (as a spread or dip)

  • Baby Bel cheese

  • Dry-roasted chickpeas

  • Unsweetened yoghurt sweetened to taste with honey and cinnamon

3. Swap confectionary with a yummy wholefood alternative

Some great options are Medjool dates, a Tinkernicks Almond & Coconut Bar - a way healthier alternative to a fruit strap/rollup, or a Food For Health's Dark Chocolate Mini Bite - dark choc dusted chickpeas, but the kids will just think these are choccie balls.


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