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How we choose products for a GoodnessMe Box

Here at GoodnessMe Box, we want to put the fun back into healthy eating. But we know you’re crazy-busy, so we make it easy for you: we deliver pure, wholesome food right to your doorstep. And we do it every month.

GoodnessMe Box is a health food sampling service. Each month, we surprise you with 6-10 clean eats the world is going nuts about. Think the newest superfoods, wholefood bars to eat on the go, nut butters, kale chips, coconut oil, herbal teas, raw chocolates, natural protein powders or gluten-free cereals – and that’s just an idea of what you might get.

The box is all about discovery, so we don’t tell you what you’re going to get to try each month – but we can promise that it’ll be natural, GMO-free, and de-lish. We’re also passionate about getting people back in the kitchen, so we give you plenty of recipes and ideas for using the new ingredients and goodies in your box.

It's all about Food with Integrity!

Our Code of Ethics Criteria

Thanks to our team of health practitioners, our boxes are filled with only the highest quality health products, courtesy of brands that, like us, want to share wholesome food with the world. We also take it one step further, requiring all the goodies in our boxes to fall in at least TWO of these categories:organic, sustainable, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free or vegan.

We seek products free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavours, colours, food additives, synthetic trans fats, MSG, and HFCS. It’s strict, and we say no to many products, so you can be sure that you’re fuelling your body with the best of the best.

Meet Our Health Team

Personalised Monthly Boxes

Whether you are gluten free, dairy free or vegan we have you covered! All GoodnessMe Boxes can be personalised to these dietary requirements and we ensure ALL boxes are low in refined sugar.

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