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June 2017 Box Reveal

Welcome to June!

From beetroot velvet latte to turmeric coconut milk, this months box allows you to explore some of the trendiest health products to hit the shelves.

While it is always cool discovering new and unique products, it is so important that you can pick up your everyday grocery item and understand how to read the food label. These days, I even notice artificial ingredients in products as basics as rice!

Understanding how to read food labels is the first step to taking control of your health so that you know EXACTLY what you are putting in your body. This is why we've just released our FREE How to Read Food Labels handbook, written with our Nutritionist.

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We hope you enjoy!

Peta - Founder, GoodnessMe Box

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What's Inside the Box?

1. Pure Harvest Golden Quench Milk

2. Nutra Organics Beetroot Velvet Latte

3. Table of Plenty Savoury Protein Crunch

4. Pure Good Bars Cacao & Orange

5. The Organic Tea Project

6. The Charcoal Toothbrush

7. The Powder People Reshi

8. Norbu Natural Sweetener

9. Amy's Kitchen Chunky Tomato Soup

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Please note: products included in each box is subject to varience

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