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Kate Kendall's 5 meditation tips for staying on your A-game in 2017

We're all guilty of letting the roller coaster of life carry us to a place of stress, worry or discomfort and never really taking a moment to stop. But sometimes it's important to take a step back and just breathe. We sat down with Kate Kendall (aka Active Yogi) to get her top 5 meditation tips for when you are feeling like you need a little reset.

Kate is the Co-Founder and Yoga Director at Flow Athletic, Blackmores Yoga and Wellbeing Coach and host of the famous Flow After Dark event series that has taken Australia by storm. We love Kate's passion about teaching the art of slowing down and bringing you tools and tips for living in presence and ‘on purpose’ more often.

1. One Conscious Breath

Sometimes one conscious breath is all it takes. How to: Get grounded (be aware of your feet on the floor) and take a single, deep breath as if you’e breathing it from the feet up to head. Open the mouth and slowly exhale. And you’re back!

2. Expansion Vs Contraction

Notice at any one point if your body is in a state of expansion (soft, open, relaxed) or contraction (tense, stressed, anxious). One conscious breath is all it takes to come back to expansion

3. Be Kind to Yourself

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or out of control, drop in and listen to the ‘story’ you’re telling yourself. Is it the kind of story you’d tell to someone you love? Or is it a hateful inside voice?

4. Someone Silly

Sometimes when we’re in a state of tension or ‘dis’-ease, we can get serious which is a form of contraction. If you feel yourself in this state, simply dedicate a moment or a deep breath to someone in your life who makes you laugh. It will help you change state and move into one of ease.

5. How do you want to feel?

Whether you’re playing a game of tennis, aiming for a raise at work or simply wanting to have an awesome day, ask yourself the question, “How do I want to feel?” Whether your answer is ‘victorious’, ‘illuminated’, ‘joyful’ or simply at ‘at ease’, let every decision you make that day guide you. It becomes your intention.


About Flow After Dark

Flow After Dark consists of a 90-minute vinyasa style yoga class taken by Australia’s leading instructor Kate Kendall and accompanied by DJ James Mack who will be on the decks. Guests wear noise cancelling headphones provided by Silent Sounds which will allows yogis to really connect with the instructor and the music for the most zen night out yet.

‘Anyone who has taken one of my classes will know that I’m passionate about making yoga approachable and light hearted. I believe it should be fun, not taken too seriously and a tool that we use to amplify connection to self and others’ says Kate Kendall, yoga instructor and co founder of Flow After Dark.

‘Flow After Dark was born from this idea and continues to grow and grow; so much so that we have to keep finding bigger locations to fit everyone in. It is my favourite event and something that absolutely everyone, no matter what their level of experience, can participate in.’

The next event will be taking place on March 21st at the Melbourne City Town Hall. 

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