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May Beauty Box 2019 Reveal

Our May Beauty Box is filled with everything from berry flavoured collagen to enhance your natural beauty from the inside out to hemp seed lip balm and sustainably sourced eye patches to tighten skin around the delicate eye area. Everything is carefully hand picked especially for you and I think you will love each new natural beauty find!

ActivLayr - 5 Second Firming Eye Mask

This month we were lucky enough to have our GMB Doctor Sandy Krafchik tells us why ActivLayr 5 Second Firming Eye Masks could be your new best friend!

Why is collagen good for your skin?

Collagen is a protein which provides strength and elasticity to the skin. It also assists with skin renewal, repair and the turnover of dead skin cells.

Production of collagen decreases with age causing wrinkles and loose skin, however, the good news is, you can increase collagen levels which will in turn improve the elasticity and smoothness.

ActivLayr Eye Masks provide instant skin tightening and minimises wrinkles and lines around the eye area due to the natural skin compatibility - pretty awesome right?

Why are the other active ingredients of this product beneficial?

  • Kiwifruit Skin Extract has been clinically shown to decrease trans epidermal water loss and brighten skin.

  • Grape Seed Extract from Sauvignon blanc grapes has been shown to increase elasticity and decrease the redness of the skin.

  • Hyaluronic Acid is the gold-standard ingredient for helping the skin retain moisture and is incorporated into the ActivLayr chemistry giving it an added moisturisation benefit.

What is unique about this product?

  • The marine collagen used in ActivLayr’s 5 Second Firming Eye Masks is sourced from the skins of deep water hoki fish which are caught in New Zealand’s oceans using sustainable fishing practices.

  • The patented ActivLayr collagen nanotechnology is a revolutionary new way of delivering nutrients and actives deep into the skin for maximum effect (2.5mm dermal penetration within 50 minutes). The nanofibers are water soluble which assists with absorption.

  • The instant absorption and lasting action of this eye mask sets it apart from other products, not to mention it is easy to apply, painless and cost effective compared to injections.

  • The eye patches can be applied in any step of your daily skincare routine so is perfect for those of us who are time poor!


Bean Body - Foaming Latte Face Wash

This Face Wash is infused with caffeine to brighten skin and target pores - think of it as a morning latte for the skin! It's also completely vegan friendly, cruelty free, and also contains no parabens.


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Black Chicken Remedies - Essential Oil Perfume

Black Chicken's Essential Oil Perfume is made from completely organic and non-tox ingredients. They have created a beautiful scent without using artificial fragrances. Unlike standard alcohol based fragrances, Transcendence preserves the natural integrity of ingredients.


Koala Eco - All Natural Multi-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner

The Koala Eco All Natural Multi-purpose Kitchen Cleaner is made with amazing ingredients like lemon myrtle and mandarin essential oils. It cleans and deodorises the entire kitchen and is safe for refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave oven, benches and all food storage areas. The powerful yet eco-friendly formula cuts through dirt, grime and harmful food-borne bacteria without the need for toxic chemicals.


Morlife - Antiox Beauty Collagen

This product is amazing for if you want to give your skin that extra glow, it contains hydrolyzed collagen. Furthermore, the array of essential antioxidants included act to neutralise damaging particles, ensuring optimum skin cell function.


Straddie Island Zinc - The Original Zinc

Straddie Island Zinc have created a sunscreen zinc formula that is gentle to the skin and the environment. It is made from 100% natural ingredients locally sourced, it is also 100% organic.


Sativa - Smooch Nourishing Lip Balm

Made from hemp seed oil which contains amazing fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9. It is rich in Vitamin E. Hemp seed oil is hypoallergenic and absorbs well into skin providing high quality nourishment and moisture. This is the perfect lip balm for dry lips!


Nature's Commonscents - Goats Milk & Paw Paw Soap

This natural soap contains Paw Paw extract which gently soothes and moisturises the skin and is made with Australian Paw Paw. This soap can help to softens scaly skin, soothe inflammation and dull itchiness.


Cosmetic Clays - Decongest and Clarify Blend

This Cosmetic Clay Decongest + Clarify Face Mask is great for circulation and toxin elimination. If you have clogged pores, oily or decongested skin, or breakouts this is a great option for you!


Organicspa - Intense Moisture

Organicspa's Intense Moisture helps to  protect the skin from the ageing effects of environmental exposure while restoring hydration and vitality. It contains nourishing ingredients like carrot seed oil and cocoa seed butter.


You can try all of these amazing natural products in this month Beauty Box

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