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May Kids Box Reveal

We’re so excited to share this month’s kids food subscription box with you! We have located some wholesome snacks that your kiddies will love to munch on!

Morelif - Greens Kidz

If you are struggling with feeding your kids the required 2 pieces of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables a day, then Green Kidz is the answer you’ve been looking for. Within one serving (2 teaspoons) your munchkin receives the equivalent of 6 serves of fruit and vegetables. Along with supporting growth and energy production the superfood powder has a delicious berry taste. We recommend mixing 2 teaspoons into your kids breakfast oats, smoothies or even stirred into yoghurt and spread onto apple donuts like below.


Only Organic - Vegetable Chicken Risotto

If you are looking for a quick meal to prepare for your kids after those cold nights at soccer training or dancing, this risotto is the perfect option for you. Simply place it in the microwave for 40-60 seconds, or gently stir on the stove top until warm. Made with a selection of organic ingredients these packs are perfectly paired with your kids’ favourite boiled vegetables such as peas and carrots, making for the perfect winter nourish bowl.


The Happy Snack Company - Kids Roasted Fav-va Beans Pizza

Who knew fav-va beans could taste so similar to pizza? These roasted fav-va beans are perfect for a lunch box or quick snack urge. Their delicious crunch will leave your kids wanting more.


Blue Dinosaur - Acai Berries + Super Bite

Made with 6 simple ingredients these super bites might be small, but they are mighty in flavour. Blue Dinosaur products do not contain soy, dairy, added sugars, or gluten, giving your kids a stack of natural energy to get them through their busy day. The combination of acai providing antioxidants and blueberries boosting one’s immune system guarantees your child is munching on a wholesome snack.


Think Foods - Smooze Fruit Ice Coconut + Mango

Here’s a fantastic dessert option! Smooze is a vegan guilt-free refreshment, guaranteed to satisfy that after dinner sweet tooth I know we all have. This product is made with pure coconut milk making it super creamy, just like a delectable scoop of velvety ice-cream.


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