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My Day on a Plate: Olive Oil Guru Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray is the Health and Nutrition Manager at Boundary Bend Olives, the makers of high quality Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil brands Cobram Estate and Red Island. Sarah is a Registered Pharmacist and Associate Nutritionist and is extremely passionate about the link between good nutrition and improved health outcomes. Sarah has spent time in Australia and the USA, educating health professionals and consumers about the benefits of high quality nutrition and the use of medicines and natural supplements, to support a holistic lifestyle, where health can allow for greater happiness. We love Sarah's ethos (as well as her olives) and sat down with her to find out what she eats in her day.

Sarah's Day on a plate...


With early morning starts for most of the week, I like to super charge my morning with a health and nutritious smoothie. I mix it up, but my go-to smoothie is one I call “berry-banana gut strengthening smoothie” – combining ½ a cup of probiotic kefir yoghurt, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, ½ a small banana, a handful of fresh berries, a tablespoon of rolled oats and teaspoon of vanilla extract for a touch of sweetness. This keeps me feeling full and nourished up until lunch. On the weekends, I like to scramble 2 free range, organic eggs with a tablespoon of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), and serve with some toasted wholegrain bread, and avocado (drizzled with some garlic infused EVOO and pink salt).


I like to keep lunch simple and light. When I have limited time in the morning, I quickly mix together some quinoa/brown rice (that I cook in batches and freeze for the week ahead), a handful of spinach or rocket, some cherry tomatoes, some frozen corn kernels and a can of tuna (or any other left-over protein from the previous night’s dinner). I like to heat this up and drizzle with some chilli or basil infused EVOO, which adds flavour, and helps to keep me full. I also like to make a fresh protein and salad plate, with shredded chicken (seasoned with Mexican or Moroccan spices) and some steamed greens on the side (drizzled with some EVOO when served).


We keep dinner simple in our household. We choose a lean protein, and add some roasted/grilled vegetables or salad on the side (of course – we always pan fry, sauté and roast with Australian EVOO). Our favourite protein is fish, and we like oily fish like mackerel and sardines (delicious when stuffed with some cooked quinoa and herbs/seasoning). Broccolini are always a hit with my husband, when cooked in some Australian EVOO, some lemon juice, salt, pepper and a few pine nuts. (Cooking brocollini with EVOO helps to absorb glucosinolates, which are well known bio-active substances found in veggies like broccolini, cabbage and kale).


I tend not to snack too much, as I usually eat fairly decent meals that keep me full and satisfied. However, I absolutely love dark chocolate, so sneak a few squares every few days to keep my sugar cravings at bay. I also love fresh pistachios and macadamias. My mum makes delicious home made muffins and muesli cookies, and when she makes me a batch they never last too long!

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