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My Day on a Plate: Isabella Ashleigh

Today's Day on a plate comes from mega babe Isabella Asleigh. Isabella is passionate foodie, fitness guru and total fashionista. Take a squizz at what Isabella east throughout the day to maintain her rockin' bod!


I’m someone who likes to wake up with the most positive mind set possible. To do this I make sure I have early nights and early mornings. I've found that I have always been a 'morning person', so getting up before sunrise has always been easy for me. I find that rising early helps me get the most out of each day and keeps me motivated to achieve everything I want to. Walking along Manly beach with my little Maltese pup, Lily, watching the sunrise, is one of the best feelings.

My days normally start with a coffee from my boyfriend's cafe in Manly. He makes the best coffee (and I'm not just being biased ha-ha!). I don't like to drink or eat too much dairy so I have become addicted to soy mochas. Yes, it has chocolate powder in it, but I find it's all about balance. You don't have to cut out your favorite things completely, just have them in moderation.

I have a few favorite breakfasts. One being 2 poached eggs, avocado and mushrooms. Another one being All Bran cereal, banana and prunes (high in fibre!) and lastly an acai bowl with chia seeds, banana, strawberries and mixed nuts. I don't follow any sort of 'diet', I just listen to what my body is wanting - most of the time it craves healthy stuff.



After breakfast I do a yoga or pilates session, sometimes at the beach, sometimes at home in my lounge room. This is the best part of the day. You would never think that exercise could GIVE you energy, but it does. It reinvigorates me, centers me and ensures I am in a headspace to take on anything. I only do about 15-30 minutes per day, but it is the most important 15-30 minutes of the day.



In between breaky and lunch I sometimes have a protein shake or snack on nut bars and fruit, along with a glass (or two) of coconut water.


For lunch, it's anyone's guess. It really is dependent on what I'm feeling, although it's always something healthy and nutritious, with some exceptions (like when I crave a chicken burger every now and then). I like to try a lot of new cafes when I get the chance. So far I think my favorites are Speedos cafe in Bondi, Sprout in Naremburn, Nostra Cafe in St Leonard and Rough and Bare in Mona Vale. Healthy, whole food yumminess. I’ve noticed there has always been this belief that healthy food was bland (and I was guilty of thinking this until I changed my lifestyle to a healthy one). Some of the tastiest foods I have tried, have been SO healthy. My go-to lunch meal that I always whip up when I want something quick, easy and healthy is my kale, chicken (or sometimes tofu), mango, tomato, avo, chilli aioli salad with a squeeze of lime.



Some days I am SUPER hungry in the arvos. This is when I like to munch on carrots and hummus. I never thought it would be SO hard to find a hummus without preservatives, but it is. There is only about 1 or 2 brands at the supermarket that has all natural ingredients (none of these 621 or 356 or whatever they are). They are a couple of extra dollars than the others, but it is so worth it.


When dinner time rolls around I am always wanting something quick and easy (but also tasty) that I can cook. My go-to meal is 'hot' salmon fillet (kind of like smoked but flakey) which you can get from your local supermarket, a side of red kale (quickly cooked in a tablespoon of olive or coconut oil), avocado, 90 second microwave brown rice and quinoa and a squeeze of lime over the whole thing. Reading those ingredients, you would probably think it would be bland, but somehow, all of the flavours work together so well, it is SO delicious, simple and best of all, HEALTHY! Some nights we like to indulge ourselves with a bit of an antipasto/cheese platter. YUMO.



I’m one of those people that just HAS to have dessert. I’m also one of those people that is (was) addicted to Nutella. But I have been able to find this all natural, ‘healthy’ chocolate spread. Its base is soy flour and although I admit it's not exactly like Nutella, it's pretty damn close. There are a few alternatives that you will be able to find in your ‘health food’ aisle. I normally cut up some fruit and drizzle the choc spread over the top.


There are some evenings when I feel like doing an extra yoga session, so sometimes I spend another 15 minutes before getting cozy on the couch (a.k.a Netflix and chilling), doing a wind-down yoga stretch session and usually finish it with a few minutes of meditation. Then it’s time for bed (I am usually asleep by 9:30pm - party animal, I know ;)

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