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My Day On A Plate: Kara Landau

Kara Landau “Travelling Dietitian” is a world explorer, infectiously passionate healthy foodie, and strong advocate for discovering what it is that really sets your soul on fire so that you can live a fulfilling, exciting and inspiring life. Having lived in NYC for the past few years and now being Sydney based, Kara invests her time into helping develop new healthy products and nutrition video content, acting as a spokesperson for healthy food and lifestyle brands, as well as sharing her super simple and always tasty recipes across her “Travelling Dietitian” social media channels.

No two days in my life are ever the same so a dietary routine has never been on the cards. I do not consider myself a vegetarian, however I have noticed as time has gone on I certainly do have a very vegetable heavy diet, and I love creating recipes with interesting plant based protein ingredients such as lupin flakes, hemp seeds or sacha inchi seeds.

These days I always wake up bursting with energy (with no alarm) and am ready to start my day at around 5.30am (I have no idea why!?).


Definitely my favourite meal, and I often have “breakfast food” for more than just that one first meal. I became a dietitian because I am food lover, and this has definitely stuck!

I do not count calories, but do make sure that I hit some key overarching nutritional goals throughout my day, including consuming plant based complete proteins, nourishing healthy fats, a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and gut healthy probiotics and prebiotic dietary fibres.

An example of breakfast could be:
Fried curried eggs in garlic infused extra virgin olive oil
Sauteed zucchini with cracked pepper and sea salt
Smashed avocado with guacamole spices
Sliced beetroot
Sliced tomato
And a coffee


Smoked salmon
Avocado dip with feta
Sautéed zucchini
Bell tomatoes
Wilted spinach and onion


I typically take part in some sort of group exercise class such as HIIT, barre, pilates or strength training around 9.30am and then by 11am I am definitely hungry again!

Morning Snack

This could be a high protein probiotic infused chocolate mousse which I make up using a chocolate flavoured naturally sweetened plant based protein powder, cacao, chia seeds, vanilla essence, a probiotic powder and an algae based calcium powder to ensure I get some gut strengthening ingredients in.


Otherwise you might see me enjoying some of my sugar free vegan mocha cacao and some IsoWhey Wholefoods Sacha Inchi Seeds which are a new nut replacement, high in essential omega-3’s.



I work from home so am lucky in that I can make up my lunch on the spot. I often eat around 2pm and this is usually very veggie heavy!

I have a slightly obsession with making air fried creole spiced sweet potato, carrot or broccoli chips and dipping them in a home made guacamole. I typically accompany this with hemp seeds, some Isowhey Wholefoods, Sacha Inchi Seeds, and either a home baked natural protein muffin with nut butter, or some form of tuna mix to boost up the protein and healthy fat component of my meal.


I have never been a big plain water drinker, but I love sparkling mineral water, so I usually go through a 1.25L bottle each day, as well as make up some apple or peach infused organic green tea to enjoy.

If I am hungry in the late afternoon I may have a greek yoghurt pudding with some berries, and then by dinner time I am not usually very hungry at all thanks to all the nutrient dense ingredients I have eaten throughout the day.



This is definitely my lightest meal, and I usually have a small serve of left overs from any of the vegetables I have prepared throughout the day, as well as make up a plate with some fruit and nut butter or have a frozen yoghurt I have created earlier in the day.


For more of Kara's daily eats check out her Website | Instagram | Twitter

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