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My Day On A Plate: Kira From Masterchef

Kira got the nation talking on this seasons Master Chef with her healthy Quinoa risotto! When she’s not busy cooking up a healthy storm, she spends her time raising her two young girls and running her health studio with her husband, where they take a wholesome approach to weight loss and wellbeing. Kira specializes in pilates, yoga, nutrition and healthy cooking classes.

I drink 2 glasses of water on rising, and brew a herbal tea

I love starting my day with a smoothie, because they are so incredibly simple, nourishing and delicious! Typically I blend a frozen banana with 1 tbsp hemp and pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp vegan choc protein powder, 1 tsp green tea powder, and if I’m feeling a little bit cheeky I add 1 shot of organic coffee…wholesome iced mocha, YUM!


I do my best to squeeze in a yoga or core workout every day between school runs and work. I believe exercise should be enjoyable, so for fun I go for a skateboard or bare foot run along the beach, because movement and sunshine makes me happy! It’s so important for me to take time to nourish ME, because when I am happy, I have so much more to give to my loved ones.

If I get hungry mid morning I have Herbal tea and some activated almonds or a green juice or smoothie.

If I’m on the run I take a huge green smoothie with me that I prepare in the morning- essentially I blend my salad! My fav combo is fennel, lime, orange, cucumber and parsley- it’s so refreshing and juicy! I often add fresh turmeric, ginger and herbs too, because these are especially therapeutic.

If I’m at home for the day my usual go-to lunch is eggs in 10 minutes or less- either green scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sprouts, my green abundance omelet or my one pan frittata- I load them up with lots of GREEN stuff…broccoli, kale, sprouts, watercress, herbs- pretty much what ever I have on hand. I top these with my homemade chili and kaffir lime sauce, which I freeze in individual portions. This takes them to another level with very little effort!


When it comes to afternoon snacking with my kids, I usually have some kind of wholesome chocolate thing going on in my freezer- my fav at the moment is my Hazelnut NRG Bars, both for their ease and simplicity, and the fact they taste like Nutella!

If I have time I will do 20 minutes of jump board and core work on my pilates reformer while the kids play.


Dinner is always super fresh and colourful, and loaded with aromatics and spices because they make healthy food taste GOOD! My favourite cuisine is Thai, and my hubbies is Mexican, so they make a regular appearance on the menu. My chipotle and black bean salsa is a weekly special, it’s loaded with wholesome Mexican trimmings including guacamole, fresh salsa, sprouts and plain organic yogurt. I also have a secret chipotle sauce recipe that takes anything from ordinary to extraordinary- I make this in large batches and freeze it too.


It’s so cold at the moment so I usually end my day with a Herbal tea, and in a perfect world I prepare for some evening meditation- but who’s perfect all the time right!

Recipe: Hazelnut NRG Bars
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