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My Day on a Plate: Pic from Pics Peanut Butter

This week's 'Day on a Plate' comes from Pic- the superman behind our favourite peanut butter 'Pic's Peanut Butter'. Pic started Pic’s Peanut Butter out of frustration for the lack of sugar-less products in the market, and decided to start his own natural version. He started roasting hi-oleic peanuts and grinding them fresh into glass jars in his home town of Nelson, NZ, remembering the way his mum and auntie used to make real peanut butter.

At 55, Pic started going blind, macular degeneration runs in the family, and decided to close his laundromat that he had been running and decided to focus on selling his peanut butter, which he made out of a concrete mixer. Within a year Pic’s was available in 50 outlets around the country and was then picked up by both of New Zealand’s supermarket chains, and is now in Coles and Woolworths in Australia as well as leading independent supermarkets.


I like to get up around 7.30am. I turn on the shower and while the water heats up I feed Fido my guide dog and Fatguts the cat. My own breakfast usually comprises of Delish muesli with yoghurt and my own stewed fruit (preserved in a Pic’s jar) with a bit of toast and crunchy Pic’s peanut butter. I'll sometimes have a cup of tea, but generally only if I have company.



Weekday lunches I have at Pomeroy’s: The Coffee Factory, the cafe beside our peanut butter factory - often something healthy with a side of salad and a flat white, which comes with a chocolate coated coffee bean, pretty much the only sugar shot I have all day.



I don't drive, so I often get a ride home with workmates. If it's Stuart, our GM, we'll go for a walk up the Grampians, a steep hill behind my house, but if it's Russell, our engineer, we'll drink a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and eat cheese and crackers.


I barbecue a fair bit in summer, with my favourite cut being a fillet or porterhouse tail with a bit of broccoli, spuds and some salad. Winters, I like a slow cooked stew with a good slosh of red wine. I eat dinner out three or four times a week.

My favourite meal of the week is Saturday lunch. I go to the market in the morning, spend an hour or two on the peanut butter stand then buy my fruit and veges, some cheese from Milk Drop, sausages from Doris and Katrina’s and amazing fresh pretzels. Lunch consists of Tozzetti Bread, Kervella Love cheese, Moutere Hills olive oil, fresh tomatoes, a dollop of peanut butter and fresh ham .... Heaven on earth.


Get to know a bit more about Pic and his story here.

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