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My Day On A Plate: Sally AKA The Fit Foodie

Sally (aka The Fit Foodie) blogs on all things health, wellness, fitness and nutrition at Taking inspiration from not-so-healthy favourite foods, she 'healthifies' them and shares her recipes online. Sally is a superfoods columnist for both Nourish and Australian Natural Health Magazines, and is also a regular contributor to publications such as Yum. Gluten Free Magazine, Yahoo!7, Sweeter Life Club and MindBodyGreen. For those that don’t have time to get creative in the kitchen, Sally has recently launched her own popular range of DIY Protein Ball Mixes.



I wake up and spend 10 minutes checking emails, customer orders, and instagram from my cosy bed. A quick warm lemon water and I hit the gym for a mixture of cardio and weight training. On Sunday’s I take extra chill time in bed, or opt for class of hot Yoga. I’m a creature of habit, so always keep these 'appointments' with myself regardless of how busy I am at work. Running a business, it’s becoming more important to keep that first hour for me-time!


I quickly blend up my favourite vanilla protein shake with cinnamon and a few teaspoons of homemade fibre mix (coconut four, psyllium husk, ground flax) before jumping in the shower.


Breakfast time! Up until a few weeks ago this would have been my favourite bowl of plain Greek yoghurt with seasonal fruit, but I recently found I’m lactose intolerant. Now my go-to is Pumpkin Protein Oats with the option of egg whites to make it deliciously fluffy. It only takes about 10 minutes to make, and is full of slow-releasing energy to keep me ploughing through my busy mornings of emails and phone calls.



It’s snack time. A green tea with a small bag of lightly salted popcorn or a homemade protein ball keeps me going until lunch. Cookie Dough is my favourite at the moment - the organic cacao nibs really hit that sweet spot without the sugar. I quickly whip through the next few chapters of my Sports Nutrition course with enthusiasm - there’s always so much to learn about food and how it works to fuel our bodies.



A huge salad usually makes the base for lunch. I like to keep loads of simple things that are ready to use for a quick and nutritious meal. My fridge looks a bit like a Subway sandwich store, minus the bread and dressings. I usually I have a mountain of mixed leaves, grated carrot, cherry tomatoes, roasted pumpkin, broccoli, avocado and lots of lean protein - such as chicken breast, turkey, mackerel and smoked salmon. Time to start researching for the next magazine column on Black Seed Oil - a quick trip to the library unearths some great journal articles.



Over a warm almond almond milk I plan recipes, blog posts and food shoot ideas for the week ahead. I’ve just invested in a pro lens for my camera, so like a true novice am spending hours learning to use it. I’m led down the rabbit hole of pinterest - at which point I say goodbye to a productive afternoon!


Another cup of green tea (decaf this time) while I meet with new wholesalers who are wanting to stock the Protein Ball Mixes. It’s so exciting to see my products on the shelves in my favourite stores! Meanwhile, my brother texts me a photo his snow-covered driveway in the London, and I’m reminded how lucky I am to be living in Sydney.


A call from concierge tells me I’ve had a surprise delivery of fresh mangoes. My job makes me so happy! Perfect chance to practice my photography skills before I tuck into one.



I start writing a blog post for on Tabata-style training while dipping in and out of emails to various PR companies about product reviews and events. The calendar quickly fills up for the month ahead and I begin to grasp why business owners don’t ever take vacations. Humph.


We have crispy skinned salmon for dinner with a new orange sauce that I whip up using organic ground peel. A side of steamed green beans and asparagus makes the perfect accompaniment while I catch up on the evening news. Any dish that takes more than 30 mins of my time to prepare is too much work on a weeknight! I need it nutritious, and I need it fast.



Time to pick and pack the day’s orders and head to the postbox. While I’d love to think I can carry 15 awkward-shaped kilos on my own, I have to call in the assistance of my lovely man. I end up carrying my iPhone and very little else. I repay him with the promise of a Lemon Cheesecake Pot for dessert later on.



A brisk walk to Hyde Park gives me chance to catch up on his day at work, while I scan social media and reply to comments (totally paying attention, of course). We encounter the world’s cutest puppy and I kick myself again for not carrying dog treats. Can’t wait until I get a dog of my own so I can stop chasing strangers around the park!


Another warm almond milk at home (this time with little Du Chocolat), and a final check of emails before I finish that blog post and hit the sack, relaxed and recharged to do it all again tomorrow! Happy doesn’t even come close.

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