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My Day On A Plate with Yogi & Naturopath Amy Hotz

Meet Amy, our resident yogi and health nut!

At age 13 her dad took to her to her first Bikram yoga class, from then on she was hooked! Amy quickly became interested in the world of organic food, alternative healthcare & the practice of yoga. If you have already downloaded Amy’s shake recipe book from our website, you’ll know she makes a mean smoothie and an an even meaner chia cup! We thought you might like to get to know our Health Advisor Amy a little better with the Mondays My Day on a Plate series.


Rise and shine and usually begin the day with a big stretch and a steaming hot coffee or herbal tea. I am currently loving my chai with extra cinnamon to warm my body throughout the colder days


After my morning yoga/walk, I love to enjoy a Shake Up Your Diet book. I have always found it difficult to eat in the morning so this is a fantastic alternative. My favourite smoothie at the moment is coconut water, blueberries, and the Vegan protein. On the weekends when I can take my time I like to mix it up with some crunchy toast with avocado and lemon.



I am a professional grazer. I like to eat small things throughout the day. I normally will throw a whole carrot, cucumber and capsicum and munch on them like an apple throughout the day.


For lunch I am currently really into my Ayurvedic cooking. I will make a big batch of kitchari (a nourishing soup), dahl or curry on the weekend and take it to work for lunch. The warming spices really do wonders for my digestion!


This is my weak spot! As I work late most days, I always crave something sweet here. I usually have a piece of fruit and tahini, some nuts, a big cracker with some avocado and rocket cheese. If I am cheeky, I will sneak in Mr. Banjo the Carob Bear.


I am usually home by 8pm and always pop my legs against the wall. This is my down time. I love to do a gentle flow of yoga before bed or practise my handstands!



Dinner is a little later than I would like but, I love seeing my clients at night. I am loving my cauliflower mash + salmon, a veggie curry or; a ‘whatever is in the fridge’ stir fry. When I want to indulge myself I am also a sucker for a gluten free pizza (extra crispy) with loads of toppings.


Rewind, Relax, Recharge…. I sometimes finish my night with a yummy Pukka Tea or a Celestial Bengal Spice if I feel like something sweet.

Weekends: Weekends are my baking and raw food cooking days. I usually experiment in the kitchen and eat my goodies throughout the week (if they make it that far). Making a big veggie soup on a Sunday is a must in my house!


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