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We love supporting brands making a positive change in the industry at GMB HQ, so we were so excited to try Naked Life Sparkling's range of soft drinks, which contain no hidden nasties or sugar!

In celebration, we sent the flavours to some of our GoodnessMe Box Family to find out exactly what you think!

Below are some genuine reviews so that you can decide which flavour you'd like to try!

Flavour Lemonade with Cucumber

Reviewer Anneliese Sheather

What a perfect way to cool down on a 35degree day! Lemonade is usually my go to for a refreshing beverage but I try to avoid it because of the high sugar content! This is a fantastic alternative as it's made with natural stevia and only 7 calories per bottle! It doesn't have that overly sweet flavor you get from artificial sweeteners and has a slight hint of cucumber for added freshness! I added cucumber and mint to mine, laid in the sun and enjoyed!


Flavour Sparkling Natural Cola

Reviewer Carmel Zien

Staying healthy over the silly season wasn't an easy task but with brands like Naked Life it makes it that much easier whilst keeping things tasty.

My personal favourite flavour is Cola as it has that distinct Cola taste without the guilt. I got my family to sit down over a Christmas lunch to enjoy a sugar free treat with their meals and we all loved it and didn’t miss the sugar! I would definitely recommend this as a substitute to soft drinks :)


Image @carmel_zien

Flavour Sparkling Raspberry & Lime

Reviewer Kathy Ford

I had the ginger and pomegranate drink by the pool one afternoon and it was delicious! A beautiful drink to enjoy in the sun. I love that you could really taste the zingy ginger.

The raspberry with lime drink was my favourite of all the flavours. It was the perfect amount of sweetness. Super refreshing and such a delight to have with dinner sitting outside on a warm Summer evening.

I like the simple, colourful glass bottles the drinks come in and I love that there’s no added sugar. Just yummy, natural sweetness and a gorgeous, vibrant colour.


Flavour Sparkling Ginger & Pomegranate

Reviewer Julia Krivoshev

When looking for a refreshing way to cool off on a hot day, or to reenergise during a long shift at work, it’s hard to look past Naked Life Sparkling drinks. With under 14 calories per bottle and 0g of sugar, I know I’m doing my body a favour by passing on the sugary soft drinks and sipping on these delicious drinks instead.

The flavours are not too sweet and perfect to give your day a kick, especially the Ginger & Pomegranate, which has to be my favourite. I definitely enjoyed having these in my fridge ready to grab for a relaxing afternoon or on-the-go!


Image @anaestheticmind

Flavour Lemon Citrus Squash

Reviewer Nicole Williams

I tried the Lemon Citrus Squash drink on a Sunday afternoon, it was the perfect way to unwind! I thought it tasted quite a lot like the traditional 'lemon squash' soft drinks that I drank as a child.

I added some fresh lime and a little gin to mine and it went down a treat! ;) It's quite a strong flavour so if you're not a lemon lover, I'd go for a different flavour.


Image @nicolehow

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