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Our Favourite Health Products of 2017

We discovered incredible health products and services in 2017. Here is our shortlist of GoodnessMe Box office favourites.

Blue Dinosaur


Blue Dinosaur's new Super Bites are a ridiculously healthy, grab-n-go snack. Packed full of superfood ingredients these bites have the added plus of antioxidants, boost and immunity. Made with only five natural ingredients, Blue Dinosaur bars are the perfect pre-workout fuel, 3pm snack, or daily commute hunger buster!

The Rosehip Specialists


The Rosehip Specialists are a Certified Organic Skin care range and the only beauty brand whose products all contain Rosehip Oil. They are a family business based in Sydney and their beautiful oils, creams and cleansers are made in Australia using the best Rosehip Oil in the world.

The Beauty Chef


The Beauty Chef products are made using a unique and natural bio-fermentation process called Flora Culture™ which is backed by 20 years of research. The ingredients are fermented for six weeks using a mother culture that contains a variety of lactic-acid producing bacteria to create a natural, broad-spectrum, food-based probiotic.

Happy Way


Happy Way's protein powders were dreamt up by Ben and Hien. Two guys in the fitness industry who wanted to create a protein powder for women. These are for all the supermums and busy ladies who want to create a healthier lifestyle without radical diets and crazy exercise routines, plus the ingredients are super clean!

Probiotic Solutions


Just like probiotic products make your tummy healthy, the millions of friendly bacteria in Probiotic Solutions sort out the bad bacteria in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, turning every room into a happy and healthy ecosystem. Popular cleaning products that use nasty chemicals are like nuclear bombs going off in your home. They kill 99.9% of bacteria, including the good bacteria our environment needs.

Dusty Girls


Dusty Girls is a natural range of vegan-friendly, mineral makeup designed for women of all ages and skin types. Their products offer a healthy alternative to traditional cosmetics. They utilise quality, natural actives, extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals in all of their cosmetics to promote healthy skin and a beautiful complexion.



Fressko was designed to make your beverage taste as good as possible. Whether it's tea, coffee or fruit water, you'll rest assured knowing they've eliminated all plastic and rubber and have created an 100% BPA and chemical free, reusable and sustainable product that will be yours to keep for a long, long time.

Naked Wines


Want quality organic and vegan wines? Then jump on board Naked Wines who deliver straight to your doorstep. They invest directly in talented, independent winemakers, meaning you get more bang for your buck while still getting the winemakers a great deal.

Low Tox Life


Enjoy Alexx Stuart from Low Tox Life's latest eBook Celebrate! With 37 recipes, you can enjoy snacks, canapés and festive drinks, as well as a whole bunch of tips and resources to create less waste over your holiday season, plus decorating ideas, table arrangements, floral inspiration, gift ideas and more.

Going Whole


Together with our team of health practitioners we've created a 6 week guide to a wholefood life that is going to leave you feeling nothing short of ahhmazing! Complete with weekly meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, videos, nutritionist support and more!

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