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Our Favourite Natural Immunity Products

Feeling a little under the weather but not sure which immune-boosting products deserve your dollar?

From supplements and lozenges to broths and powders, we’ve rounded up the immunity products we’re all about right now, so you can skip the guesswork and go back to bed. 

Nature 2 U Kakadu Plum Powder

When it comes to immune supportive products, you may have heard of Kakadu Plum because of its high vitamin C content. We love that this native Australian fruit is a wholefood source of nutrition and also comes packaged up with other vitamins, minerals and compounds. That’s the great thing about consuming real food powders to supplement your nutrient intake – rather than just getting the isolated or synthetic nutrients that some products contain, we’re getting the whole package. It’s a great way to make the most of the foods we’re consuming and stay closer to the real food way. Steer clear of superfood powders or supplements that contain fillers and preservatives. What we really want to be seeing is just the good stuff, like in the case of Nature 2 U Kakadu Plum Powder, which is 100% powdered plum.


The Tea Accent - Immuni-Tea Pack 

Yes, certain teas can be great for our immune system. In fact, there’s a tea for almost everything! Don’t you just love the powder of nature? The Tea Accent Immuni-Tea Pack brings us 5 tea varieties and each blend gives us some of those immune supportive properties, without the nasties. 

The main ingredient to look out for (and steer clear of) when buying a tea is artificial flavours. You’ll see this on the ingredients list as ‘flavours’ of some variety. We’re much better off letting the true flavours of the tea shine through. When choosing a tea it’s best to go for one that’s just tea leaves and/or fruit pieces.


PranaOn Tropical Greens Powder

We all know we need to eat our greens... something great that helps us boost our intake is drinking them too! Try adding the PranaOn Greens Powder to uplevel your morning routine. It allows you to start the day with a healthy dose of greens, some energising matcha, digestive enzymes and even a probiotic. 

When choosing a greens powder, it’s important to watch out for fillers, which are essentially just cheap ingredients to bulk the powders up and make them look like more. Fillers are often highly refined or nutritionally void ingredients and there’s no need for them to be included. Like with any health food product, it’s good to keep it simple and focus on the nutrient dense options. That’s why we love greens powders!



Knowrish Well Self Defence Immunity

Immunity supplements are all the same, right? Wrong. At GoodnessMe, we say NO to supplements containing:

  • Artificial sweeteners such as sucralose 

  • Loads of sodium

  • Sulfites - preservatives that can cause allergy-like reactions, particularly asthma-like symptoms, in people with a sulfite intolerance  

You'll find none of the above in Knowrish Well’s Self Defence Immunity powder. With just 2.1mg of sodium per serve (compared to 311mg of sodium per serve in a commercial effervescent Immunity tablet). Knowrish Well’s unique formula get bonus points for: 

  • Sourcing its immune-boosting nutrients from wholefoods like Elderberry, Acerola Cherry and Kakadu Plum, all loaded with vitamin C and protective antioxidants 

  • Being boosted with pre and probiotics to support good gut health (a happy balance of good gut bugs means a happier immune system) 

  • Being sweetened with stevia (a plant-derived sugar-free sweetener) instead of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners 


Nutra Organics Immune Gut Health Beef Bone Broth

Yet another reason to drink that bone broth, Nutra Organics’ ramen-style instant broth delivers all the umami flavour, along with the nutrients your immune system thrives on: zinc and B vitamins, as well as prebiotics from fermented red miso to fuel your good gut bugs - because a happy gut and a happy immune system go hand in hand. 


Comvita Olive Leaf Lozenges

Unlike many commercial lozenges which are just sugar in disguise, Comvita’s Olive Leaf Lozenges give you their proprietary Olive Leaf Extract (fresh from their Queensland farm), as well as a decent concentration of Manuka Honey (UMF10+), our go-to for soothing a sore throat. Suitable for little ones, too. 


Melrose Essential C Immune

If you’re after an above average vitamin C supplement, Melrose’s Essential C+ Immune is it. A daily nutrient powder that gives you natural vitamin C from Native Australian Kakadu Plum, plus all the other good stuff for your immune system: zinc, antioxidant-loaded olive leaf, and vitamin D (which a lot of us are getting less of right now, due to less sun exposure during lockdown). 


Mindful Foods Stardust Blue Immunity Powder

A fun (and pretty) way to give your immune system a gentle nudge, Mindful Foods’ Blue Immunity Stardust can be added to everything from smoothies and yoghurt to coconut water and raw desserts (it works a treat as a natural food colouring, too). The all-natural blue hue comes from butterfly pea flower and blue spirulina, which have been combined with antioxidant-rich elderberry and ginger to create an immune-enhancing formula even the kids will be keen to take. 


Vivo Strips and Wellness Test

Who knew peeing on a stick could be such fun? We discovered the Vivoo App’s Wellness Test during lockdown and got all health nerdy tracking all the things our bodies needed less of (wine), and more of (veggies) to keep our immune systems in check. Simply pee on the Vivoo strip, wait two minutes, and send the Vivoo App a snap of the strip for personalised nutrition advice in a matter of seconds.














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