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Our top tips for keeping your skin beautiful in summer

We all notice the changes in our skin as the season changes, but how many of us actually change our routine? The summer sun and heat, while totally appealing, can cause some problems for our skin. Aside from the potential for sunburn and related issues, some people can experience breakouts from the humidity (or overindulgence!), while others can find their skin dry from sun exposure or excessive swimming, particularly in chlorinated water. So what can you do to keep your skin glowing and healthy through summer?

  • Stay hydrated – both inside and out! With the heat of summer we tend to sweat more and therefore lose more fluid. It is important to constantly replace this loss with things like water, coconut water, and fresh vegetable juices. However, you can also hydrate your skin from the outside, try using a hot compress in the shower to “suffocate” the skin, encouraging it to take on the moisture. Applying jojoba oil when the skin is still warm and slightly damp, will further aid the hydration.

  • Eat moisturising foods – and lots of them! This includes our “good” fats such as coconut oil, ghee, organic butter, oily fish or a high quality fish oil, avocado, as well as small quantities of nuts and seeds or flaxseed oil.

  • Take a dip in the ocean – not only is the salt water amazing for reducing acne and scarring, but it is a fantastic clearing and cleansing agent, helping to flush the pores and revitalise the skin (and the soul!)

  • Sip an iced tea – no, not the sugary pre-made variety. I’m talking a beautiful skin formulation such as Your Tea – Skin Magic Tea. This intricate combination of herbs not only helps to hydrate and cool the skin with Aloe Vera, but also assists in balancing any hormonal influences as well as supporting digestive function. Aloe Vera is known for its cleansing and clearing abilities. Licorice root and lotus seed hearts are also two powerful players in Skin Magic Tea. Licorice root is harmonizing and nourishing. Because it is sweet in flavor it works on digestion, it aids the spleen and stomach in assimilating nutrients.
    Sometimes when our gut health is compromised we can’t adequately utilize the nutrients we consume, because our bodies can’t happily digest. If we can’t use the fuel from food, then our bodies miss out on a nutrient level meaning we may experience more acne flare ups simply because the body is missing elements that are vital to nourish skin. Summer time is often too hot for a traditional tea, so a great option is to brew it iced!


  • Become a hat person – It is well known that excessive sun exposure can not only cause premature ageing and wrinkling, but it can also predispose you to skin cancer. Use a hat to shield your face and neck, but make sure you also invest in a natural sunscreen if you’re expecting to be in the sun for a long time.

  • Give your skin a break – Summer is all about the freshfaced beachy look, so why not go a few days with no makeup on? Or maybe just a little lip gloss and mascara? Also, avoid overfeeding your skin by skipping the night time moisturiser. Our skin has its own rhythms and cycles, and while you are sleeping is when the skin is most metabolically active, elimination toxins and repairing itself. Rather than burdening this process with heavy night creams, try cleansing your skin before bed and leaving it to breathe.

And don’t forget to relax! Stress can definitely exacerbate inflammatory skin conditions, so take the opportunity while having a summer vacation to read a book, swim in the ocean and sip on fresh coconuts and iced tea all day long…

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