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Post Workout Snack Ideas

Looking for something healthy and easy to fuel you post workout?

Here are five of our favourite things to snack on after hitting the gym at GoodnessMe Box HQ. By Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor,Melissa Fine.

1) Protein Shake

This comes in handy when you’re rushing from the gym to uni or work and need something to tide you over. Apart from being convenient (just add a scoop of protein powder to a shaker with some milk), a protein shake is easy to digest (not too heavy on the stomach) and can help promote muscle recovery and repair, so you’ll get the most out of your weights or resistance training session.

2) Hardboiled Egg

Nature’s portable protein, don’t dismiss the humble egg. And don’t skip the yolk – this is where a lot of its nutrients lie, including some fat which helps delay stomach emptying - so you won’t get a grumbling stomach an hour after working out.

Want to avoid that hardboiled egg smell? Take a freshly boiled egg with you while it’s still warm, shell intact; Peel when you’re ready to eat and smelly egg (and scrunched up noses from your colleagues/fellow commuters) be gone!

3) Thick-Strained Yoghurt

A single-serve tub of thick-strained yoghurt gives you around 17g of protein – other yoghurt varieties have much less. A little bit of carbs in here too from the naturally occurring sugar in milk (lactose) - to help replace your used up energy stores after a hard workout.

4) Coconut Water

A nutritious and delicious post workout snack, coconut water can help rehydrate you and provide electrolytes after a sweaty cardio session. Plus, its naturally occurring sugars provide instant energy, so you don’t get lightheaded. For a more balanced post workout snack, use coconut water in your protein shake – delicious with vanilla whey, pea or brown rice protein.

Or, pack a Morlife Coco Hydrate food bar in your gym bag for a no-prep, on the go post workout snack – We’re loving the Cacao Chew flavour at GoodnessMe Box HQ. A functional food bar, this is full of hydrating ingredients like coconut water, alongside minerals magnesium, calcium and potassium. There’s also pea protein in this to help keep your blood sugar stable and promote muscle recovery.

5) Fruit and Nuts

A no-fuss, easy to tote post workout snack, combine fruit with nuts for a good balance of carbs, protein and healthy fats. Try half a potassium-rich banana with a teaspoon or two of natural peanut butter (yum!) or an apple with a handful of almonds… Nature’s post workout snack

More on Morlife’s Coco Hydrate Food Bars: www.morlife.com

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