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Q and A with Hayden Quinn

This week the GMB team were super excited to pick the the brains of ex Masterchef contestant Hayden Quinn and ask him about all about our favourite topic, food!

Why Wholefoods?

I am sure most people would resonate with the phrase ‘you are what you eat’. I believe that you need to be respectful and understand what you are putting into your body, and take note on the effects that that food has on you. Not everything sits well with everyone, even if it is considered to be healthy. I think it is important to consume Wholefoods as they are foods that are closest to their natural state. As they haven’t been processed, they should be more nutrient rich and better for your body.

What are your favourite cooking ingredients?

I am loving broccoli at the moment. My dad is growing some in his garden and there is nothing better than some steamed broccoli, a little butter, some chilli and garlic.

What are 5 must have essentials for your pantry?

My first thing would have to be Storage containers! This may sound weird, but for me it is all about being prepared, and that means cooking ahead of time, freezing or keeping prepared food in the fridge so that healthy meals are ready to go on the run.

I also like to keep some ‘flavour essentials’ on hand, such as garlic. I am one of those people who pretty much put garlic in everything! My favourite is to add a whole head of garlic to roasted vegetables, it imparts a great flavour and also cooks nicely so that it becomes sweet and sticky and you can eat it just like that!

I like to keep a green supplement such as a chlorophyll style powder and maca powder on hand to add into my shakes for an added nutrient kick. I am usually in a rush between my workout and getting into the office, so this is a convenient way to refuel.

Chilli Flakes! They should be on everything in my opinion

Coconut Oil: I oil pull for 20 minutes every morning and therefore the oil is essential!

If you could open a surprise GMB what would you want to find in it for your Kitchen?

Pepe Saya Butter (cause butter is the best!!!)

Muesli from my boy @nutorious_ (just wait until this stuff gets out in the world!!)

Mayde Tea (fairly obsessed with the Rooibos Turmeric Chai atm)

JaaBay Candle (when you cook a lot in a kitchen its nice to have it smelling fresh!)

Kooks Shiraz (because I love the stuff and every bottle you buy is doing something good, plus we are the first and only B Corp certified wine company)

What is the importance of getting people in the kitchen and moreover getting kids in the kitchen (Jamie Oliver has a great msg about empowering kids with cooking)?

I admire Jamie because of his simplistic approach to making nutritious food. He is good at making cooking fun which I think is a great approach to educating people, especially kids, about cooking and healthy eating.

Often ‘healthy eating’ is put to people in a way that they feel they are missing out on eating ‘tasty food’, but I think that mindset has to change. Whole and nutrient rich food is tasty too, even more so in my opinion! Cooking for me is therapeutic, a good stress release and a way to share a moment with my family and friends.

I think that is a good approach to teach people when educating them on the importance of cooking.

How has your upbringing impacted your passion for food and cooking?

My mum introduced me to cooking when I was very young and it have been a passion of mine every since. For me it is a chance to relax, share and spend time with the people who I love.

So, what’s next for Hayden Quinn?

I have lots in the works at the moment. I am working hard on my You Tube Channel and have recently filmed new episodes for both my Baking with Nutorious series and Unrefined series.I have two TV series in the works, one here in Australia and one in South Africa.

I am working on a new cookbook, which will hopefully be released in 2016 and I am part of an Australian wine label- Kooks Wine. 50% of our profits for Kooks Wine go to different projects across the country.

Finally, I am part owner of The Cube Gym in Brookvale and I am studying my Cert 3 and 4, I have a busy year ahead of me!


Hayden’s food is healthy, fresh, vibrant, packed full of flavour and most importantly accessible to all. It’s the food you want to cook in the middle of the week but you
know will still impress at a dinner party.

Every mouthful is packed full of colour, excitement and flavor, not only tantilising the
taste buds but also looking beautiful and jumping off the plate wanting to be eaten.

Hayden’s food is influenced by his theory that the best way to have a meal is to share it with friends; to share stories, share a good time and share a laugh.

For Hayden it is all about balance, eating healthy, nutritious food while every now
and then sneaking in a little treat!

Hayden Quinn was invited to chef up some hearty dishes using garlic earlier last month at theWagner Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract™ event

If you want to find out more about Hayden or any of his projects head to his website:

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