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The Healthiest Recovery Tricks For The Silly Season

It’s party season, which means it is the time of year when many of us indulge in alcohol a little more than usual. There’s nothing worse than waking up with the room spinning, that dry feeling in your mouth, or the feeling of nausea washing over you, regardless of if you’re supposed to already be sitting at your desk, or if it is simply Sunday post Christmas party.

Here are my top six healthy, natural hangover cures to help you get back to normal as quickly as possible!

A giant glass of water before you go to bed

Before you head out for the night, sit a big glass of water on your night stand, so it is ready and waiting for you when your get home. Dehydration is the biggest cause of hangovers, so increasing your water intake before bed is an easy way to ease the nausea in the morning.

Raw C Sparkling Coconut Water

Coconut water is a great way to up your hydration in the morning. A rich source of electrolytes, a glass of this can top up your levels, helping ease the effects of dehydration.

Nuun Hydration

Rehydration solutions, such as Nuun Hydration have the perfect mix of electrolytes to improve hydration. Sitting these on the night stand and mixing with water when you get home, or drinking first thing in the morning will help avoid that terrible ‘why is the room spinning’ feeling.

Avo and Eggs on Toast

Alcohol depletes vitamin B levels. These are easily topped up with some eggs, and when paired with avocado on toast, it means healthy fat and carbs to settle the stomach as well. That fatty meal you crave, but with the nutrients your body needs.


Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to reduce the inflammatory effects of the alcohol. For best results, blend with the coconut water (as mentioned above), and enjoy with your avo toast.


Along with dehydration, lack of sleep is the biggest trigger for a hangover. Give your body a chance to rest and recover. If you do choose to over indulge, aim to allow a sleep in the next day, so you can get up and enjoy your day once you’ve had plenty of rest.

Once you’ve rested, re-hydrated and satisfied your body with nourishing drinks and foods, aim to get back into your normal healthy routine asap!

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