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To Salt Or Not To Salt?

By Melissa Fine, Nutritionist and GoodnessMe Box Health Editor

That table salt or sea salt you get from the supermarket may have been highly processed to make it look as white as it does, being stripped of its beneficial minerals in the bleaching process.

And while salt (sodium) tends to get a bad rap, that’s largely because it’s so abundant in processed foods, and too high an intake over time may increase one’s likelihood of developing high blood pressure.

Still, It’s important to remember though that sodium is actually the main electrolyte in the fluid surrounding our cells (extracellular fluid). Found in all body fluids, salt is needed for a range of biochemical reactions in the body, to name a few: Our muscles need it to expand and contract, our nerves require it for stimulation and our adrenal glands need it to function correctly*.

If you’re going to add a bit of salt to your cooking/meals but want one that’s better for you, look for unrefined varieties like Peruvian pink salt…It’s pretty, too!

New to pink salt? Here’s a little profile on this natural, wholefood:

What does it taste like?

Apart from tasting salty – but not as salty as your average salt from the supermarket – pink salt is umami in flavour, with a savoury, almost brothy taste that lingers in the mouth long after you’ve eaten…Comforting and satisfying.

Where is it from?

According to Power Super Foods, “Peruvian pink salt has been hand harvested for over 2000 years from a natural ancient ocean spring bubbling up to the surface in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Machu Picchu, Peru around 4000 metres above sea level.”

Ethical brands ensure no metal mining or drilling equipment is used to extract their pink salt from the earth. Power Super Foods work directly with the traditional owners, comprising of 380 families of the Inca terraces from which it is harvested, ensuring they receive profits directly for their efforts.

How do I use it?

Use a pinch of pink in gourmet cooking or day-to-day wholesome meal preparation…I love adding a bit of pink salt to raw, rich cacao-based desserts to balance and bring out the sweetness – A little bit goes a long way! Or, for a simple, rehydrating electrolyte tonic, add a pinch of pink salt to a bottle of water.

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*Source: Kirk, D ‘Chapter 5 Nutritional Medicine’, in Hechtman, L 2012, Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, Elsevier Australia

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