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Simple Sugar-Free Swaps

By Melissa Fine, GoodnessMe Nutritionist & Product Advisor 

We’re all about helping you find better-for-you alternatives to your favourite foods, sweet treats included. 

If you’re trying to find some quality lower sugar or sugar-free alternatives to those foods and drinks you just can’t live without, here are the ones worth getting your hands on. 

Once your taste buds adjust to less sweetness, you won’t want to go back to the sickly sweet snacks. 

Swap Extra Gum for Nopla Gum


Extra might be sugar-free, but that doesn’t make up for the fact that it’s full of all kinds of other ingredients we’d rather not chew on: 

  • Sorbitol and mannitol: artificial sweeteners that can have a laxative effect.
  • 'Sweetener (951)': the code name for aspartame, another artificial sweetener the body isn’t built to process.
  • A 'gum base' made with undisclosed ingredients - plastic might be one of them (Yep. We were shocked to learn that too).

If you’d rather not chew on the above either, we recommend Nopla gum. Free from sugar, artificial sweeteners and plastic, this long-lasting, all natural gum means you can have your post-coffee gum fix, without the nasties. 

Swap Sour Lollies for Funday Sweets


New to the health food scene Funday Sweets get our tick of approval for a fun party platter because they have: 

  • No added refined sugar, AKA 'Cane Sugar', 'Glucose Syrup' and 'Invert Sugar' (your dentist will be happy about this too). 
  • No gut-upsetting sugar alcohols (e.g., mannitol, sorbitol), unlike most sugar-free lollies. These peachalicious bites are sweetened naturally with plant-based, sugar-free stevia instead.  
  • Prebiotics from tapioca and chicory root, which fuel your good gut bugs.

Fun idea: drop a couple of Sour Funday Sweets into a glass of kombucha or soda water on ice for a festive, booze-free bevvy. 

Swap Standard Golden Syrup for Lakanto Golden 'Syrup'


It’s pretty obvious which syrup we’d choose to pour on our pancakes. We love all the sugar-free sweetener alternatives from Lakanto because they're also artificial sweetener-free. 

Swap Commercial Creamer for Tonika Co. Creamer


Upgrade your coffee with a splash of Tonika Co. Vanilla Macadamia Creamer. We love it because it tastes like a treat, without having to rely on sugar (AKA Glucose Syrup) as the main ingredient - unlike the creamers you’ll find at the supermarket. Sweetened naturally with low sugar, plant-derived Monk Fruit Extract and Xylitol instead of refined sugar, this is one of the few coffee creamers out there that gets our tick of approval.

Swap Soft Drink for a Nexba Kombucha


Yikes. Who else can't believe how much sugar is added to soft drinks. Save this swap if soft drinks are your thing but you want to cut back on sugar. Nexba’s Mango Kombucha helps nip that soft drink craving in the bud, but without the sugar or artificial sweetener, both of which won’t do your gut flora-compromising sugar . Not only that, it’s also free from artificial sweeteners and brewed with probiotics to promote a nice balance of good gut bugs.













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