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6 Of The Healthiest 'Grab And Go' Breakfast Options At The Supermarket

Starting your day on the right track just got a whole lot easier! The intention to eat a wholesome breakfast during the week can go out the window when that thing called life happens. Here are six prep-free brekkie options that you can get your hands on from the supermarket, all tried, tested and approved by our Nutritionist Melissa Fine.








1. Fine Fettle Apple and Sultana Brekflats

No that’s not a typo, Brekflats are ‘breakfast squished flat,’ Fine Fettle’s newest creation that’s just hit the shelves. They look like little crackers, and you can eat them straight up, with milk or crumbled on your yoghurt.

One of the more wholesome gluten free ‘granola’ options out there, we’re super impressed with the ingredients list, which, like all Fine Fettle products, is made up entirely of real, wholesome foods you’d keep in your pantry: think apples, almonds, buckwheat, maple syrup, rice puffs and cinnamon…is it breakfast time yet?

2. The Chia Co Vanilla Bean Chia Pod


It’s been several years since this baby hit the shelves, and I’m so glad it’s still around thanks to consumer demand. The lowest sugar option of all the Chia Pod flavours, the ingredients in this are chia seed gel (filtered water and chia seeds), coconut milk, vanilla bean paste and cinnamon…that’s it!

The spices and creamy coconut provide a subtle sweet flavour, sans the sugar, and the chia makes this a high fibre breakkie option, which is why it’s so filling. Chia pudding isn’t for everyone, but if you’re a fan of tapioca pudding, you’ll love this. I like mine topped with almond butter and/or plain Greek yoghurt.

3. Raw C Coconut Water with Protein and Cacao


Vegans and lactose intolerants rejoice…Finally, a ready-made protein shake that’s dairy free! And it turns out that cacao and coconut water are a match made in heaven. I also like that the coconut water naturally sweetens the cacao, along with a little coconut flower nectar instead of white sugar.

Perfect for an easy-to-digest pre-workout snack, or for those mornings when you don’t have time for eggs on toast. Just make sure to give this a good shake so that the pea protein (which is GMO free of course) mixes through nicely - otherwise you’ll get a big mouthful of it once you reach the bottom.

4. Wholey Foods Protein Boosted Cocoa Breakfast Smoothie


Just like a chocolate milkshake, only healthy! This gives you a nice balance of everything you need to keep you going all morning: quality carbs, protein and fats. Add 4 tablespoons to your protein shaker along with your favourite milk, shake it up and breakkie is served!

Unlike a certain commercial on-the-go breakfast choice that comes in a popper, this is actually made with clean ingredients, mainly fibre-rich rolled oats and grass-fed whey protein isolate (WPI) – the purest form of protein. Keep in mind that whey is milk-derived, but WPI is typically low in lactose.

The nice mix of healthy fats comes from coconut, almond meal and seeds…oh and it’s sweetened with the plant-derived sugar free sweetener stevia, so is super low in sugar (with just 2.9g sugar/100g).

5. Carman’s Gourmet Porridge Sachets – Almond, Coconut & Chia


While nothing beats porridge cooked on the stove and then eaten in bed on a slow Sunday morning, these wholegrain instant porridge sachets are handy to keep in your desk draw or bag for run-out-the-door weekday mornings.

Sugar is often the second – i.e., one of the main ingredients in commercial flavoured porridge sachets, so I’m impressed at how low in sugar this variety is from Carman’s, with only 3.2g of sugar (less than a teaspoon) per serve and mostly from apple, and 8g of sugar/100g; another big brand has more than triple this amount per 100g. If you’re a texture person, the nuts and seeds add a nice crunch.

6. Chobani Plain Yoghurt with a Banana and a Lucky Walnuts, Cashews & Almonds Snack Pack


With just two ingredients – skim milk and live yoghurt cultures, Chobani is authentically strained, making it naturally thick…no added or synthetic thickeners needed. A single serve tub gives you a whopping 16.5g of protein! Per 100g, most yoghurt brands have around a third or just half of this amount.

As enticing as they may sound, skip the flavoured varieties (read: sugar!) and stick to the plain. It’s tart, but you can add sweetness yourself with a sliced or mashed banana – Nature’s own packaged breakfast food. To up the good fats (fat keeps you full, peeps!), I like sprinkling a Lucky snack pack on top of my Chobani and nani breakkie; a nut mix that’s portion-controlled and free from nasty vegetable oils.








Do you have any other favourite grab and go brekkie options? Please share, we’d love to add more to our list!

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