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Super Seeds: The Ultimate ‘Condiment’

By Nutritionist Melissa Fine.

Why not replace that sprinkle of salt or spoonful of sugar with a ground super seed blend like Raw Core Love by MUMA? Packed with seven gluten free seeds and pseudo-grains, Raw Core Love will flavour your food, liven up your meals and boost your nutrient intake.

Here’s the nutrient profile of each ingredient you’ll find in a top quality blend like Raw Core Love :

Chia seeds

There’s so much you can do with this freckle-sized, fibre-rich seed. Neutral in flavour, chia seeds work well in both sweet and savoury dishes – Stir a teaspoon or two through your morning porridge, yoghurt or smoothie, or sprinkle on soups, salads and stir fry.

Chia seeds are also a good plant source of omega-3, an essential fatty acid that our bodies can’t independently produce, meaning we have to obtain it from foods. So that you’re more likely to absorb the omega-3 that chia seeds have to offer, it is best to grind them or blend them in a smoothie. Or, to alleviate constipation, add a teaspoon or two of whole chia seeds to your meal; Just make sure to follow a serve of whole chia seeds with a glass of water to help them get things moving down your digestive tract.

Quinoa flakes

Although technically a seed, quinoa can be used like a grain; It’s also gluten free, making it a great alternative to wheat-based couscous. Quinoa flakes are also a nice, creamy alternative to oats for a warming, winter porridge. Another thing I love about quinoa is its quick cooking time of just 15 minutes, making it perfect when you’re short on time (or are just too hungry to wait 45 minutes for your rice to cook!).

And then there’s its impressive nutritional profile. A 3/4 cup of this cooked super seed contains about double the amount of protein and fibre that you’ll find in the equivalent amount of cooked brown rice. Swap your white or brown rice with quinoa for a change and see if you feel fuller for longer.

Sunflower meal

Just ¼ cup of raw sunflower seeds gives you almost 4 g of fibre and an impressive 9 g of protein. And with their slightly nutty, earthy flavour, sunflower seeds go with pretty much anything; I like them ground into a meal and stirred through porridge, or sprinkled on top of avocado toast. Eating sunflower seeds ground also means you’re more likely to absorb the range of nutrients they have to offer, like iron, magnesium and antioxidant-rich vitamin E.

Psyllium husk

Derived from the outer layer of the psyllium seed, psyllium husk is low in carbohydrate and anexcellent source of fibre, encouraging intestinal motility by acting as a bulking agent. While some fibre supplements taste pretty funky or artificial, ground psyllium husk is all natural and rather neutral in flavour; This makes it easy to stir through whatever you’re eating, so it wont ruin the deliciousness of your smoothie or yoghurt… Like with chia seeds, it’s best to follow your serve of psyllium (a typical serve is one TBS) with a glass or two of water.

Linseed meal

While the most easily absorbed form of omega-3 is found in oily fish,linseed meal (AKA flaxseed meal) is one of the best plant sources of omega-3, so can be worth incorporating into your daily diet if you’re vegan or not such a fan of salmon or sardines.

Another reason to eat more linseed is that the typical Western diet is too high in omega-6 (abundant in a range of vegetable oils and processed foods like margarine, chips and biscuits) and too low in omega-3. While omega-6 is an essential fatty acid, it can be pro-inflammatory when consumed in a higher ratio to omega-3.

For optimum nutrient absorption, linseed is best eaten ground (which is how you’ll find it in the MUMA blend), so that it doesn’t just go straight through you.

Millet meal

Bird food might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of millet, but it’s good for us too! You may be more inclined to give this pseudo-grain in MUMA’s Raw Core Love a try when you hear that half a cup of raw millet contains 11 g of protein and 8.5 g of fibre, both of which can help keep your blood sugar stable, reducing your desire to overeat or crave sweet foods.

Poppy Seed

Don’t underestimate the humble poppyseed, with just one TBS of the stuff containing almost 2 g of fibre and a significant amount of calcium. To me, poppy seeds are like nature’s hundreds and thousands – They really make a meal look pretty.

And now for a recipe…
Wondering what you can make with MUMA’s Raw Core Love blend? How about some wholesome, protein-rich pancakes?
For one large pancake, combine 2 whisked eggs, 1 medium overripe mashed banana, 1 TBS of Raw Core Love and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon.
Pour mixture into a small coconut-oil greased pan on medium heat and leave the mixture to sit for 8-10 minutes, or until set underneath;
Flip the pancake and let the other side cook through for about 1 minute.
Slide onto a plate, top with Greek or coconut yoghurt and dig in!

MUMA: Raw Core Love

Raw Core Love is a gluten free, natural, vegan friendly, neutral flavoured seed and grain blend providing an excellent source of dietary fibre and OMEGA 3 ALA to any sweet or savoury dish! It also adds a refreshing textural component as well as other essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins in a way that’s most effectively absorbed by the body! You can enjoy 150g of Raw Core Love for

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