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What Should You Be Snacking On?

We spend so much time and energy preparing healthy meals, thinking about what to feed our families, our friends and our selves at meal times. But what about the time in between? The mid morning munchies? 3pm slump? Here are a few tips and ideas to keep your snacks just as healthy and your grumbling tummy at bay…

The most important thing to consider when choosing your snacks is to make sure they include protein and fat, not just carbohydrate. Protein (nuts/seeds/legumes, meat, fish, dairy, eggs etc) and fat help to slow the release of glucose into the blood stream. This means that your energy levels will be more stable and you won’t be as prone to carbohydrate/sugar cravings. Furthermore, the ingestion of protein and fat helps to activate certain appetite hormones that regulate feelings of satiety. Ever wondered why you could munch through a bag of chips or crackers and still be wanting more soon after? When we eat snacks that are solely carbohydrate based our body does not get the same signals that we are full. Protein and fat will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and will also help to prevent overeating.
So what kinds of things would fit the healthy snack criteria? You could try:

  1. Chia seed pudding – why not try this amazing blueberry version full of healthy fats and protein blueberry pudding

  2. Nut butter spread on apple slices

  3. Vegetables sticks with hummus or nut butter (I know it sounds weird, but carrot and almond butter go really well together!)

  4. Miso soup – maybe not in this summery weather, but it is a beautiful warming option for the colder months

  5. Bliss balls/Protein balls – homemade or store bought. If purchasing from a shop, make sure you read the ingredients thoroughly and make sure you choose something that is made from wholefood ingredients like Isowhey Brown Rice Protein Balls

  6. Boiled eggs – maybe don’t go peeling them on the train or in a crowded room, but these little superfoods are the perfect snack. They also keep really well, so boil half a dozen at the start of the week and keep them in the fridge to snack as you need!

  7. Home made trail mix – combine some activated nuts and seeds (you can read why they need to be activated here - how and why of activated nuts and seeds) with your favourite dried berries and cacao nibs.

  8. Coconut yoghurt with fresh fruit and activated almonds. With the richness of coconut yoghurt, the sweetness of fruit and the protein from almonds, this is the perfect little snack to get you through those 3pm sugar cravings

  9. A fresh vegetable juice – while this doesn’t tick the box in terms of protein and fat, it will flood your system with an array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Not to mention hydration, which can often be at the root of our hunger pangs. My favourite combination is beetroot, celery, apple, carrot and ginger.

  10. A homemade smoothie. This is a great option to keep with you and sip on throughout the day. Load your smoothie up with healthy fats like coconut oil, a good quality protein powder (I love the Nuzest – Clean Lean Protein) as well as chia seeds to bulk it up, or try some of our recipes Healthy Summer Smoothies You Will Love

What are your favourite go to healthy snacks?

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