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Why Marine Collagen is so Special

With so many protein powders available on the market, we find out from our GMB Nutritionist Melissa Fine what makes Nourished Nutrition Nourish + Repair so special!

Why is this protein powder different to others?

Nourish + Repair is a protein powder with a twist! Not your average protein powder, this carefully thought out nutritional blend is extra gentle on the gut. The formula aims to promote not just the health of the digestive system, but of the whole body.

While many protein powders on the market are loaded with artificial ingredients that sound like they came from a lab, you’ll only get the goodness of plant-based ingredients from Nourished Nutrition. We love the addition of seven (!) alkalising nutrient- dense greens – from wheatgrass to kale and broccoli, with the powdered form promoting better nutrient absorption.

Why is the marine collagen an important ingredient in this Blend?

It can support digestive health: Naturally inherent to collagen, gelatin is a protein that can help aid digestion. Gelatin can also improve the integrity of the digestive tract’s lining, helping to ‘heal and seal’ the gut. It’s an anti-ageing ingredient: That’s right, collagen is a protein which can help to keep skin cells plumped up and hydrated, while also increasing skin elasticity.

Why is pea protein powder easier on my digestion?

While some of us find milk-derived whey protein difficult to digest due to its components such as lactose (milk sugar), pea protein is a great dairy-free alternative. If you find whey protein doesn’t sit well with you, give a quality pea protein like Nourished Nutrition a try.

What are the benefits of this protein powder’s probiotic content?

The probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus largely serves the purpose of promoting a healthy gastrointestinal environment - but its benefits can extend beyond the gut.

Amongst its numerous potential benefits, L. acidophilus may alleviate the stomachache and bloating common to IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome); it can also give the immune system a boost during cold and flu season.

If I have this protein powder daily, will I be getting my daily dose of greens, protein and probiotics?

Good question! Rather than seeing Nourish + Repair as a replacement for your salad etc, look at it as a bit of ‘nutritional insurance’. Adding a scoop of Nourished + Repair to your daily smoothie (or a glass of your go-to milk) is a nice way to complement a wholefood diet.

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